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The Benefits of Being CPR Certified

Heart in Hands

There are numerous benefits that accrue to an individual after getting a CPR certification online. Chief among them is the ability to save lives when there is a need. Below is an elaboration of the immense need to get CPR training and CPR certification: 

Power to Save Lives

As already stated, the greatest benefit of CPR education and certification is the gaining of an ability to jump into action in emergency situations and save lives. As per the American Heart Association, sudden cardiac arrest is the prime cause of death in adults, and a whopping 325,000 deaths through cardiac arrest are reported each year.

When these individuals who unfortunately succumb to cardiac arrest have the opportunity to access CPR education, they could start treatment immediately and increase the victim’s chances of survival by approximately forty percent. Physicians lament that for each minute treatment for cardiac arrest patients is delayed, the patient’s chances of surviving the ordeal are slighted by 10%. Therefore, the ability to deliver CPR to individuals urgently during emergencies means the difference between life and death.  

Quality Education

It is possible for an individual to scan pages of CPR literature and get a rough idea of what CPR is about; however, merely reading about CPR cannot adequately equip an individual as reliable during emergency situations. American Health Care Academy (AHCA) offers descriptive modules, examples, videos, and a comprehensive quiz within the CPR training. AHCA also offers a hands-on skills assessment which is especially recommended for people certifying for the first time or people renewing after some time.

Moreover, CPR training boosts an individual’s employability. Employers may not state outright that those with CPR certification have an added advantage, but it is something many employers look for when scanning or interviewing applicants for their company or firm.  


This is another fascinating benefit of getting CPR certification. Individuals who acquire CPR training and certification often report feeling empowered and emancipated. They gain a certain level of confidence, especially since they now know the power of saving lives resides in their hands. They can apply this confidence in all areas of life- whether in the workplace or in the home. It is indeed a very powerful tool. Parents have reported feeling more equipped in handling their young children upon gaining their CPR certification. How long does CPR certification last? It lasts for 2 years.

Acting efficiently and quickly is in many cases the only way an individual can truly make a difference. Therefore, anybody who has time and a few coins to spare can enroll in a CPR class and get the requisite knowledge that can enable them to save lives whenever emergencies such as cardiac arrests and a host of other situations arise. It is truly liberating for one to know that there isn’t a time they’ll be out of their depth when it comes to saving lives.  Instead of searching for “CPR classes near me,” register with American HealthCare Academy now.

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