Online Bloodborne Pathogens Certification Course

Our Bloodborne course is intended for individuals who require OSHA compliant training. The course covers information to protect yourself and others if exposed to blood and other potentially infectious materials. The Bloodborne Pathogens course is valid for 1 year, per OSHA guidelines.

Chapter 4: Protection from Pathogens

In any situation it is imperative that you first ensure your safety. Check to see that the scene is safe first for you and the victim!

Protect yourself and (a) follow OSHA’s universal precautions, (b) use personal protective equipment, (c) follow other standard precautions and (d) be aware of proper biohazard waste practices.

a. Universal Precautions:

Universal Precautions is OSHA’s required method of control to “protect employees from exposure to all human blood and OPIM.”

If you come in contact with infectious blood or blood-containing materials, there is a chance you may get sick. For this reason, “universal precautions” means that you should treat all blood and blood-containing materials (OPIM) as if they contain HIV and other BBPs.

b. Personal Protective Equipment:

When you are around blood or OPIM, you should wear certain equipment to protect yourself – this is known as personal protective equipment (PPE).

PPE includes:

  • gloves
  • goggles (eye protection)
  • gown, lab coat or apron
  • shoe covers
  • face shields / masks
  • cap

OSHA states that PPE can be determined based on the type of exposure and quantity of blood or OPIM that is anticipated to be encountered during a task or procedure. Check your company’s exposure control plan for more details.

c. Other Standard Precautions:

  • Do not eat, drink, or smoke in any area where you may come into contact with blood or blood-containing materials.
  • Clean your hands thoroughly after handling blood or blood-containing materials. Use soap and large amounts of water. Use antiseptic hand sanitizers/cleansers and paper towels if you do not have immediate access to soap and running water.