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The benefits of learning CPR is understated, and if possible, everybody should be able to perform CPR when needed. A person that has the knowledge and can perform CPR very well will be a lifesaver when the need arises. In some workplaces, it is very important that the employees learn the procedure of first aid burns among handling other emergencies.


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One of the biggest fears is to lose one’s baby to choking. Sadly, choking is the third leading cause of infant death. There is a thin line between gagging and choking and understanding this could be the hack to saving your child today. Enroll for the Health Care Provider CPR today and learn more lifesaving procedures in case a child or any other person around you needs first aid and CPR. Discover what differentiates gagging from choking and how to administer help in a choking scenario.


The term arrest can be used to describe a failure of the blood circulatory system or the heart. There is a wide difference between cardiac arrest and respiratory arrest. Sometimes the respiratory arrest is termed as pulmonary arrest. Many times, this causes more confusion. This is mostly used when referring to first aid and CPR certification online as a treatment for cardiopulmonary arrest.


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An emergency can arise out of nowhere. You may be having family fun in the park when all of a sudden grandpa clenches his chest and falls to the ground. If you are lucky, you took online first aid and CPR so you know what to do, and immediately diagnose the problem and begin CPR. Here is a quick guide to use an AED to shock someone back to life.


Find out how CPR and first aid comes to the rescue when your kid is in an emergency situation.

First aid and CPR are life-saving skills everyone should endeavor to acquire. When you are a parent, it is even more important that you know first aid and CPR since there is no predicting what kind of accident your kid could end up in considering how clumsy kids can be. You can look for CPR classes online, and this article will equip you with basics that could save your child’s life.


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Understanding the importance of chest compressions during CPR and how it can be done to save the life of the patient.

The traditional procedure involved during the CPR is mouth to mouth breathing for the rescue purposes. However, most of the times the chest of the patient does not rise at the first mouth to mouth rescue breath. The purpose of this procedure is to open the airway of the patient and force oxygen inside the lungs. Though it sounds easy, sometimes the opening of the airway becomes quite tricky. You can get BLS for healthcare providers, so you can be useful during emergency situations.


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It is really shocking to have your close friend or family member diagnosed with heart disease or being admitted to having a heart failure. How is one supposed to react and care for the patient?

Having a person say your friend or family member with heart disease can make you have mixed feelings. If the attack happens at home or work a person with online CPR recertification can help in giving CPR to the victim. You may be guilty, angry or even scared. These feelings are however normal reactions. It has been noted in most cases that the family and friends are usually more anxious than the patient.


It is essential to know how to provide a first aid help to stop bleeding from cuts or wounds. Read on to know more.

Most adults use knives and sharp objects in their lives. Whether they are professional chefs, home chefs, gardeners, medical helpers or surgeons, load track drivers, housewives or students, or just grandmothers helping their grandchildren to craft. If you have not yet considered it, it is the perfect time to apply for online CPR certification and learn to help.

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