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Basic Life Support Recertification Course Outline

CE CreditsValidityCostDurationECCExam AttemptsWallet Card
6.02 Year$36.952-3 HrsCompliantUnlimitedDownload/Print/Mail
  • CE Credits6.0
  • Validity2 Year
  • Cost$36.95
  • Duration2-3 Hrs
  • ECCCompliant
  • Exam AttemptsUnlimited
  • Wallet CardDownload/Print/Mail

Highlights of Basic Life Support (BLS) Recertification Course

Bls Rectification Course Highlights Bls Rectification Course Highlights
  1. Extend your BLS certification for 2 years through a nationally recognized course.
  2. Refresh your skills in cardiac arrest emergencies and chain of survival.
  3. Practice giving high-quality chest compressions.
  4. Master the Heimlich maneuver for choking emergencies.
  5. Relook at airway management and bag-valve-mask-ventilation techniques.
  6. Reinstate the importance of early defibrillation (AED).
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Basic Life Support (BLS) Recertification

$3695 $39.90

Offer Expires: 04/17/2024

Healthcare Provider CPR Recertification

$1495 $24.90

Offer Expires: 04/17/2024

CPR + First Aid Combo Recertification

$3695 $39.90

Offer Expires: 04/17/2024

CPR/AED Recertification

$1495 $24.90

Offer Expires: 04/17/2024

ACLS Recertification

  • 4.0-8.0 CE Credit Hours
  • For Emergency Healthcare Professionals
  • Includes Videos, Megacode Scenarios, Practice Tests & More

$11900 $169.00

Offer Expires: 04/17/2024

PALS Recertification

  • 4.0-8.0 CE Credit Hours
  • For Pediatric Emergency Responders
  • Includes Videos, Megacode Scenarios, Practice Tests & More

$11900 $169.00

Offer Expires: 04/17/2024

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BLS CPR Recertification Training

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Basic Life Support (BLS) Renewal & Recertification Overview

What is BLS Recertification?

BLS recertification is a fast-paced course through which you can renew your Basic Life Support certification. The renewal course grants healthcare professionals and bystanders the license to practice their skills and stay updated with modern life-saving strategies.

Who Should Take the BLS Recertification Class?

The BLS renewal for healthcare providers like doctors, paramedics, and nurses is necessary. It is also vital for other professionals working in clinics or hospitals. People working in every field should consider taking this course and recertifying. Even bystanders can take this course and go for a renewal to keep their skills updated.

The importance of Basic Life Support (BLS) recertification courses

The BLS recertification for healthcare providers and bystanders ensures they stay updated with life-saving techniques, especially CPR and AED usage. Regular renewal of certification guarantees that they maintain their skills. It means they can respond promptly during medical emergencies and keep the patient alive till professional help arrives.

Benefits of BLS Online Certification Renewal

Some of the benefits of a BLS online recertification include:

  1. Online courses offer flexible study options for healthcare providers and bystanders.
  2. These courses allow people to renew the certification from their homes. It eliminates travel time and expenses.
  3. With interactive technology, online BLS renewal courses ensure a well-rounded learning experience for learners.
  4. Learners can progress at their own pace, making it easier to balance work and learning.
  5. Online BLS recertification programs allow you to stay updated with the latest information even if no BLS review course is available in your area.
How does recertification for Basic Life Support (BLS) work?

You must find the right course and register for a BLS recertification course. Once your registration process is over, you must pay to start your course. A recertification course is shorter than the original certification. You must clear a BLS recertification exam at the end of the course to gain certification.

How often is BLS certification renewal required?

People working with Basic Life Support skills must renew their certification every 2 years. You can also take a BLS renewal class if your job demands it or if there is an update in the guidelines. If you work in the healthcare sector or are keen on practicing your BLS skills, you must renew your certification before it expires.

What is the validity of a renewed BLS certification?

Once you renew your BLS certification, it stays valid for another two years. You can take as many renewals as possible to ensure your certification remains valid. It helps you stay well-versed in the latest guidelines and techniques for life-saving procedures. When you retake the course, it enables you to refresh your knowledge.

Can you renew BLS online?

Yes, you can renew your BLS certification online. You should only apply for a recognized online BLS program to gain a valid certification. With the advancement of technology, courses are now available at your fingertips. Online BLS course renewal is easy, saving the hassle of visiting a physical institution.

Do I need a BLS renewal course if I have ACLS?

Yes, even if you have an ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) certification, you must renew your BLS (Basic Life Support) certification. BLS skills are foundational and provide the basis for advanced techniques in ACLS. Both certifications ensure you’re proficient in life-saving procedures, offering a comprehensive approach to emergencies. You can now take your BLS recertification online right here.

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