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Corporate Discounts for Group CPR Training

Learners group or corporate companies can rely on our Account Executives to ensure a successful and efficient CPR certification experience for you and your employees. Employers can track students’ progress, purchase additional life-saving courses, and print certification cards for all at a discounted rate.

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Exceptional Benefits For Customer Groups

At American HealthCare Academy, we provide discounts on our online group CPR training classes and sessions for corporate and other groups of 5 or more members. Discounts on these high-quality CPR training classes are available for groups of five or more. The course curriculum is easy to learn and understand, even for groups of 5 or more. Learn the course at your pace with multiple retakes on the final exam, even while using a group ID.

With the group training, students and employees can learn high quality CPR courses. They learn to save lives in the most crucial hours of someone’s life. 

It is interesting to have a training partner while learning CPR and other life-saving courses from American HealthCare Academy. Group CPR courses we offer helps emergency medical teams to be the best at their potential to save lives.

These group classes help even a bystander to provide basic life support in the most necessary hours where someone might be in danger and can be saved with the 30 chest compressions on time. 

Simply fill out the form below or call us at 1-888-277-7865, and we will work with you on a one-on-one basis, customizing a quote catered to your group’s learning needs.

Discounted Group Course Benefits:

Track Employee Training


Track Employee Training

Our employer dashboard allows 24/7 access to all students’ online CPR certification course progress. This dashboard for group classes saves time and the complete dependency on the usual paperwork when enrolling in the best online CPR certification we provide. The employer can use this real-time access to records as a progress report for the students and encourage them to complete their online CPR group classes along with other life-saving courses from American HealthCare Academy flexibly, with a schedule of their choice.

Print Certification Cards As Needed

An employer will also have access to a PDF copy of all certification cards when a student has completed the course. The wallet card can be printed from the dashboard, as many times as needed, at no additional cost.

Buy Additional Courses At Any Time


The employer dashboard also allows the employer to purchase additional group CPR classes or courses at any time. Once a course is purchased, it can be accessed immediately by the student group or an individual learner. The employer can view invoices, update payment methods, and access receipts for course purchases all on one screen! Just login, purchase the “group code,” and the students or employees are set to learn their first online group training for the high-quality CPR course, adhering to the updated ECC guidelines.