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Request a Replacement CPR Certification Card

Our CPR certification card is Nationally Accepted and valid for two years. You can also receive a wallet CPR certification card when you complete a CPR renewal course or First Aid renewal course.

If you misplace or lose your CPR or First Aid certification card, you can order a replacement certification card. You can qualify for a replacement card and CPR certificate if you purchased upon completion of the online certification course. We offer replacement cards for CPR, First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens and all other online courses that we have to offer.

Contact Us Immediately

We know you work hard to complete your certification course, and so we have made it simple for you to get a replacement card and / or certificate.

You can visit our Contact Us page and email us to request for a replacement. Or you can contact our customer service department at 1.888.277.7865. Our sales representatives will be able to process your replacement card request, with a $4.99 fee, and mail out another hard copy of your certification card right away!

Please call us within 7-10 days if you have not received your wallet certification card after initial purchase.

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