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CPR Certification Cost

Our CPR, First Aid and AED online learning courses are nationally and internationally accepted and are developed by expert instructors. These courses we offer are affordable and rich in quality. These online medical training classes fit your schedule and pace of learning. Remember, you can also view course topics and curriculum included in our CPR/First Aid/AED training modules by visiting our Course Demo page. Get certified today with our advanced skills sessions. 

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CPR/AED, First Aid, ACLS, PALS and Bloodborne Pathogens Certification Cost

At American HealthCare Academy, the cost of CPR, AED First Aid, ACLS, PALS, and Bloodborne Pathogens certification courses is absolutely free. You can obtain life-saving skills without having to worry about the cost. Moreover, you can learn these courses at your own pace and convenience, making it easier for busy individuals to fit into their schedule. Additionally, for those who wish to get certified as a group of 5 or more, group discounts are available. So whether you want to learn these skills for personal development or professional purposes, The American HealthCare Academy has got you covered.

CPR & First Aid

$36.95 $39.90

CPR/AED Course Certification

$14.95 $24.00

First Aid Course Certification

$14.95 $24.00

Bloodborne Pathogens Course

$9.95 $24.00

Certification Pricing


$238.00 $273.95

ACLS Certification

$119.00 $169.00

PALS Certification

$119.00 $169.00

HIPAA Certification

$12.99 $24.99

Learn AHCA’s CPR and First Aid online courses at your own pace today!


Save your online CPR course certification cost while enrolling in our free CPR and first aid classes. With this nationally and internationally accepted CPR course, you can learn high-quality life-saving skills at your pace from the American HealthCare Academy. This means we make it easy and cost-effective for you to learn how to perform CPR with visual demos and other course materials. It’s our goal to train as many people as possible in CPR and other life-saving techniques because every second matters in medical emergencies. This is why we strive to make our classes affordable, accessible, and as effective as possible with OSHA-trained instructors and easy-to-follow learning materials.

Both our CPR and First Aid online courses make online learning easy, accessible, and fun to grasp the knowledge even for those who are busy with their work-life commitments.

Our cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) courses include adult, child, and infant CPR training. Additionally, our certification course includes training sessions on an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Our Healthcare Provider CPR course is specifically designed to cater to all healthcare professionals who need instruction in performing CPR. These courses follow OSHA-led mandates to help medical professionals boost their career paths as well. Get CPR certified today to learn the skills your employers are looking for and level up your medical career as well.

Students who need both CPR and First Aid certification courses can choose from one of our two combo courses from our portal online. Both combo courses include adult, child, and infant CPR, AED, and a standard First Aid course.

All of our online CPR certification classes are valid for 2 years except for the bloodborne pathogens certification course, which is valid for 1 year according to OSHA guidelines. All of our courses have vivid images and live video demonstrations to maximize the student experience. No additional testing is required once our online CPR course has been completed. Simply select a course, pass the test, and then print out a copy of your wallet certification card. It’s really that simple to earn your CPR certification with the American HealthCare Academy.

Don’t wait a day longer. Sign up for one of our certification classes to earn the required Continuing Education credit hours as well. Please contact us at any time with your questions.

Learn CPR. Save lives.