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Is CPR Performed Any Differently For Victims of Drowning?

CPR for Drowning Victim

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is one of the life-saving skills learned from If you want to know how long does CPR certification last? It stays valid for two years. CPR training has been applicable on many occasions to revive lives, including breathing and cardio-related complications. Drowning is one of the life-threatening experiences that can easily cause death. This is because water clogs the respiration system and reduces oxygen transmissions in the body. Is CPR Performed Any Differently For Victims of Drowning? is an important question, Unlike in other normal resuscitation procedures, drowning requires a different approach. This makes the CPR AED course an important venture, especially for anyone who occasionally engages in water activities, kids and adults alike. 

What Makes Drowning Victim CPR Different? 

Most victims of drowning are usually retrieved from underwater and probably unconscious. As stated earlier, the presence of excess water in the breathing system reduces oxygen levels. On the other hand, when the deprivation reaches the brain, the victims become unconscious. In the case of unconsciousness, the impact of the water in terms of organs affected becomes important. For instance, you could have a case where there is water in the lungs, which of course will require a strategic approach to CPR for drowning victims. In the case of near-drowning, engaging in a set of chest pumping will deliver significant results. The CPR AED certification expounds on the best approach and precautions for CPR and AED usage for drowning victims. For instance, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation is also effective, in case the water is cold. In other cases, you will require combining both the hands only CPR and the rescue breaths, in a certain sequence, in order to remove the water and increase oxygen concentration. However, as stipulated in the course, it is risky to perform these resuscitation tactics for the totally drowned victims.

Sometimes, the larynx contracts and allows water to flow into the stomach rather than the lungs. This especially occurs when the victims have been submerged in water for a long time. In addition, it affects both the conscious and unconscious causes, another factor that needs the expertise to detect and take the right procedures. Having water in the stomach is safer when compared to access to the lungs. In this case, the victims just require chest and stomach compressions, in a direction that will lead the excess water out of the body. From the CPR / AED course, it is possible to determine the aspiration levels in the airwave and in turn, take the necessary urgent steps.  

Regardless of whether the victim is conscious or unconscious, an effective CPR course for drowning victims is crucial. This is because the brain experiences significant damage, with each unit of oxygen deprivation. On the same note, the rates of water penetration and impact may be cumulative, especially for people who occasionally engage in water activities. In this regard, it is important for everyone to partake in the CPR online course, as it provides the necessary skills and tactics to save a drowning victim. For the graduates who already have the certification, it is important to update their skills every two years. Given the relevance and life-saving aspect of the CPR / AED course, join the American Health Care Academy today and you might be the only savior at such a time!