CPR and First Aid Certification Online

Our accredited First Aid and CPR certification online course includes Adult, Child and Infant CPR and First Aid training and is nationally accepted. The combo certification is valid for 2 years and includes a free mailed in wallet card. You can learn at your own pace and complete the course within a few hours. The hands-on skills online training will transform you into a life saver. Be prepared for any emergency situations and respond immediately. This certification course is advanced, comprehensive and easy to understand. 
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First Aid and CPR Online Certification


Limited Time. Offer Expires: 09/30/2022

Cardiovascular disease is the single greatest cause of death in the United States. Every year more than 480,000 adult Americans die of a heart attack or related complications. The victim of an emergency such as a heart attack, cardiac arrest, stroke, or choking may be saved if people at the scene have had the life saving skills and techniques training. Recognizing an emergency and acting on it immediately by performing lifesaving techniques like CPR/First Aid and contacting 911 are critical things one can do.

Learn how to save a life when every second matters with our reputed skills sessions. When you have an online CPR and First Aid certification, you can improve someone’s chance of survival. Our training program is designed and taught by experts. The safety training not only satisfies OSHA mandates but is also affordable, convenient, fast and easy. 

Our online First Aid and CPR certification programs are combined, so that you can get certified in two important areas.

CPR and First Aid Certification Topics Include:

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Trust the voice and experience of the hundreds and thousands of individuals who have completed First Aid, CPR, or Bloodborne Pathogens training at American Health Care Academy. We work with the best, trained, and nationally certified CPR instructors to develop a comprehensive and easy-to-understand course curriculum.

In my opinion AHCA is great. I really enjoy and appreciate the lifetime renewal. Pay once your good for the rest of your life without having to pay every time to retake the test and get your certificate. Good stuff!


Kirk Estus

Easy, informative, inexpensive and quick. Online chat assistance available for any issues. I appreciated a way to get re-certified without attending class during Covid. Also the modified info to give CPR when the patient may have Covid.



The CPR/AED, First Aid course was full of helpful information and easy to follow. The videos helped with visual instruction. The ability to take this online and not have to be in a class for a whole day was beneficial to me.


Gillian McNab

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Based on 215 reviews

Sample CPR and First Aid Certification Card

A wallet certification card is included with all of our online courses. There is NO additional charge to download your wallet certification card.

Our First Aid & CPR Certifications Include:
24 Hour Wallet Card Production:

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