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Online Healthcare Provider CPR Course

Our healthcare provider CPR course includes easy-to-follow Adult, Child & Infant techniques. Our course also includes AED and two-person CPR sessions. The curriculum is nationally accepted and follows updated guidelines. It has 2 years validity. 

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Chapter 12: Choking: Infant

If there is a conscious choking infant who cannot cough, cry or breathe, give 5 back blows and 5 chest thrusts. Follow these steps:

How to save a choking infant?

  1. Position the infant face-up on your forearm with his or her head lower than your chest. Support the head and neck by holding it firmly in the palm of your hand.
  2. Then turn the infant face-down while supporting your forearm on your thigh.
  3. With the heel of your hand give 5 back blows between the infant’s shoulder blades.

  4. If the object is not ejected with back blows, turn the infant face-up and give 5 chest thrusts.
  5. To give chest thrusts, push down with two to three fingers at the center of the chest as you do for infant CPR.
  6. Continue to give back blows and chest thrusts until the object is forced out, the infant begins to respond, or the infant becomes unconscious.
  7. If an infant becomes unconscious, follow the steps to perform infant CPR.