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Is Online CPR Certification Course Difficult to Complete?

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Heart attacks and cardiac emergencies can result in death due to negligence. You must take the necessary precautions to ensure that you can save the cardiac arrest patient, even if you are not a medical professional or a healthcare specialist. Taking a CPR certification course has many benefits, as listed below.

  • Your ability to save lives can help you become a better role model since very few individuals know how to handle Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).
  • A CPR certification will make you a strong candidate for employment opportunities that need it. It is a prerequisite that people in the workforce must learn the correct information and abilities to handle cardiac arrest emergencies.
  • Your sense of accomplishment and value in your organization will also increase.

Classroom vs. Online CPR Training: Which is Better?

The main factors behind opting for a classroom or an online CPR course are your availability and reasons for taking CPR training. To help you make the right choice, let us compare these two learning styles below.

Online CPR Training

  • Online CPR training is more convenient as you can learn CPR as per your availability. Online courses are quick to finish and can even help you save a life when every second counts.
  • Online courses are simple to register for and complete. All you need is an open mind, internet connectivity, and a laptop, computer, tablet, or any mobile device.
  • There are many modules to the course that you can complete in any order that will help you finish the material for CPR certification at ease.
  • You get unlimited access to the coursework. You can finish all the modules at once or take them again at any time to brush up your knowledge.
  • You don’t need to complete an in-person skills session to pass these courses and receive your certification. Finish your course, pass the online test with flying colors and pay only for your much-earned mailed-in wallet card.

Classroom CPR Training

Classroom CPR training is personalized and allows the use of various teaching strategies. A classroom instructor can present the same material in numerous ways to ensure that each student thoroughly understands it. Dummies are used during the training to practice CPR and the use of an AED. Most classroom CPR courses run the whole day; thus, they are unsuitable for professionals who are too busy to take a day off.

How hard is it to learn CPR?

Comparatively, an online CPR certification course is easier than a classroom course. It is because you can study and take the test at your speed. The online CPR certification course offered by American HealthCare Academy (AHCA) is designed to keep the self-learning modules easy to understand by anyone and everyone.

Is CPR hard to perform?

CPR is not hard to perform, but you need all your strength and presence of mind while performing it. To perform CPR effectively, you don’t need a specific license or professional training, but you need knowledge through online CPR certification.

Is it hard to get a CPR license?

Taking a test to get a CPR license may sound daunting but it is easy to comprehend. Therefore, the tests are nothing to be afraid of. If you opt for online or classroom CPR training, go through your course material. You can take the test anytime after the completion of the course.

What is the best method to be CPR certified today?

Opting for online CPR training is the best method to get the CPR certification at ease today. The flexibility of studying the CPR course material at your pace and preferred schedule makes it perfect for those who find it difficult to take physical classes. You can take the course wherever and whenever you want with a stable device and internet connection.


The online CPR certification course by American HealthCare Academy is easy to follow and understand. If you are recertifying, you can skip the topics you already understand and take the test as soon as you’re ready. Make sure you register with us today. Our courses are practical and give you the most accurate and updated instructions.