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Heart Attack and Stroke 101

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There are a lot of differences between stroke and heart attack. Here are the differences you need to know.

A heart attack is a condition that happens when there is damage to the muscles within your heart. The damage of the heart muscles can be caused by the damage of the coronary artery. The coronary artery is involved in the movement of oxygen into the tissue muscles of the heart. A heart attack is one of the common causes of rising death cases.

The occurrence of an abnormal heartbeat can also cause a heart attack. In some cases, it can lead to damage of the muscles within your heart and in some cases can cause death. Taking a first aid and CPR certification online will help you acquire the right skills in handling heart attack victims.

Definition of a Stroke

A stroke happens when the tissues of the brain are deprived of enough oxygen. It can lead to the death of the brain tissue causing the occurrence of a stroke. One of the common causes of a stroke is the clot which can block the vessels used in the circulation of blood.

The stroke can cause damage to the tissues of your brain or in some cases, it can lead to death. When the damage of the brain tissues becomes so big, the individual may die.

Medical Emergencies Involving Heart Attack and Stroke: Mini Stroke

It occurs when there is a temporary blockage of the blood vessels found in the brain. The symptoms produced are similar to the ones produced in the case of a stroke. However, during a mini-stroke, the stroke symptoms will be resolved within a short period of time. It does not also cause any permanent damage to the tissues.

The mini strokes act as a sign of warning of the full stroke and it is therefore important to make sure you are seeking treatment at the appropriate time.

Between Stroke and Heart Attack — Which is Worse?

Nobody would want to have a heart attack or a stroke since both of them can cause disability challenges. When we talk about mortality statistics, a heart attack is the leading cause of mortality cases and the occurrence of stroke is ranked at position five as the main cause of death.

The individual who goes through a heart attack or stroke can have a change in many aspects of their lives. Their survival will depend on the level of damage to the brain tissues after the occurrence of the stroke. For example, the occurrence of a stroke can cause a number of challenges such as the loss of ability to communicate in an appropriate manner.

If someone experiences a heart attack or stroke, it is very important to put the necessary safety precautions in place to help the person. The best way of handling the situation is by carrying out the appropriate CPR practices. You can also call the emergency department so that they can come fast. To avoid heart complications, make sure you maintain your health by leading a healthier lifestyle through regular exercise and eating. It is also important for you to get first aid and CPR certification online.

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