Online CPR AED Certification

Learn CPR online to be skilled and knowledgeable on adult, child, and infant techniques at your own pace and time!

American Health Care Academy’s CPR/AED courses include Adult, Child and Infant techniques. Additionally, our CPR certification online course includes training on the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). The CPR/AED certification is valid for 2 years.

CPR / AED Training

Healthcare Provider CPR Course

Cardiovascular disease is the single greatest cause of death in the United States. Every year more than 480,000 adult Americans die of a heart attack or related complications. The victim of an emergency such as a heart attack, cardiac arrest, stroke, or choking may be saved if people at the scene have had the life saving skills and techniques training that can be acquired through CPR training.

CPR Course Topics Include:

  • Recognizing Emergencies
  • Deciding to Act
  • Key Important Factors
  • Check-Call-Care
  • Responding to an Unconscious Adult
  • Responding to an Unconscious Child
  • Responding to an Unconscious Infant
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Choking
  • Recovery Position
  • Adult, Child, Infant CPR Quiz
98% Acceptance Rate

Who Needs CPR/AED Certification?

Basically, everyone needs CPR/AED training and should be comfortable in performing it. However, enrolling in CPR/AED courses is a must in certain professions, including but not limited to:

  • Healthcare Workers

  • Childcare Providers

  • School Personnel

  • Fitness Coaches/Instructors

Completing a CPR/AED course is not just a personal accomplishment. It will also enable you to save a life right when it matters the most.

You can get the CPR/AED training you need for only $13.95. Enroll now!

Sample CPR Certification Card

A wallet certification card is included with all of our online courses. There is NO additional charge to download your wallet certification card.

Our Certifications Include:

  • Printable copy of wallet certification card
  • Optional mailed hard copy of wallet certification card
  • Certification documents signed by Certified instructors
  • Wallet card delivered within 5-7 business days

24 Hour Wallet Card Production:

  • Fast Shipment
  • Reliable Service
  • 5-7 Day Delivery Time
  • Phone Support
  • Accepted Nationwide

American Health Care Academy provides training for CPR certification online, AED training and Standard First Aid for lay-responders and Healthcare Providers.

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