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Choosing the Right First Aid and CPR Certification Online Course

online cpr and first aid certification


Choosing the best CPR certification online is important when you plan to learn CPR and put the learnings into action when required the most. Multiple factors determine the right online CPR course you should choose and be ready to save lives without fear or anxiety. For example, free online classes for First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) should be comprehensive and easy to learn. The best class is where you learn about Automated External Defibrillator usage too.

First aid is the immediate medical help or assistance provided to the injured person before medical examiners arrive. The type of first aid given depends on the patient’s condition. Lay responders might panic seeing someone bleed or shout in pain. Then, it’s difficult to treat the wounded person on time.

Getting the right knowledge and training with the best CPR certifications online designed by the OSHA-certified first aid certification at American HealthCare Academy (AHCA) is what we recommend. At least, you will perform CPR correctly when needed the most as and when you learn high-quality basic life support BLS courses like CPR.

Similarly, a human can have a heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest without prior warning. Often, without completing the quick and easy CPR course online, we miss the signs of a severe heart attack or cardiac arrest. If we do not do something, a person can end up losing their precious life. This person could be someone we know or love. But when you take CPR training classes from our platform, you grow confident enough to jumpstart the patient’s heartbeat. Through this Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation course, you learn a comprehensive set of first aid skills, CPR techniques, and AED training to implement in real life whenever possible and be a Good Samaritan as you are.

You can revive the victim’s heartbeat within two minutes if you have the right training. A patient can be conscious again with CPR chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth rescue breaths. That is when the brain receives the right amount of blood on time. Know the detailed reasons below before cost-effectively choosing CPR and first aid classes online.

Why Should you Get CPR and First Aid Certification Online?

First Aid and CPR are both life-saving skills one must have. Anyone can be CPR certified or First Aid expert with the free online course materials we offer.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Online CPR Course Certification

  • CPR and First Aid courses help save lives:

More patients having cardiac arrest or other medical conditions survive when the immediate responders have free online CPR/First Aid training. These medical emergency training sessions can save your loved ones, too, if they need any such assistance.

  • Anyone can train for CPR:

AHCA offers free online CPR and First Aid Certification courses for everyone. The course does not limit any potential learner to enroll in this course.

  • Tackle emergencies with confidence and a calm mind:

Medical emergencies occur without warning. These can happen to anyone around you at any hour. You can respond with corrective actions when you learn CPR and First Aid training. You don’t go into shock or panic seeing blood around you if someone is wounded. Rather, you treat the person with clarity in your thought process. It again improves the victim’s chances of survival.

  • CPR protects the patient from brain death:

Patients having sudden cardiac arrest are prone to permanent brain damage. It leaves them in a vegetative state, bedridden with the inability to lead a normal life. Timely chest compressions in CPR bring oxygen back to the brain. It prevents the brain from dying. An Automated External Defibrillator also helps to regulate the heartbeat and bring back the oxygenated blood flow in the body.

  • CPR/First Aid might be the skills for your next job:

CPR/First Aid training is a requirement for job positions like medical healthcare providers, lifeguards, and security guards. If you’re about to pursue that career, you should join our online CPR course with First Aid training.

How to choose the right Online CPR and First Aid Certification Course?

Choosing CPR and first aid classes online is very important.

Points To Remember When Choosing Free Online CPR/First Aid Course

  • Updated curriculum:

Go for courses like ours where the curriculum is updated. Each year, there might be new standards and techniques to save lives. Performing old techniques might lead to more fatalities. It’s best to register for a course where you learn the updated course material.

  • Nationally accepted:

A nationally accepted online CPR course adds value to your learning and portfolio. You can add the credentials to your CV if you are pursuing a medical career. A nationally accredited course will be of high quality, without a doubt.

  • Designed by OSHA-certified trainers:

AHCA offers CPR certification courses designed by verified OSHA-certified trainers. They know how to meet the ECC, AHA, and OSHA standards when designing this course.

  • Availability of CE credit hours:

Go for a CPR and first aid course, which offers CE credit hours if you are a medical student. It will help you get a job faster in any related medical profession. The CE credit hours make your portfolio more trustworthy and credible in job interviews.

  • Printable wallet card:

Pass the AHCA’s first aid and CPR certification test to receive a wallet card immediately at your email address. There is no delay in receiving this online certificate. You can highlight this certificate in your credentials whenever required till the hard copy is shipped to you.

What do you learn in Online CPR and First Aid Certification?

Giving first aid to an injured person comes with many challenges without proper training. The same goes for times of medical emergencies requiring you to perform CPR. So, learn from the points below about the basics of this combo certification course by AHCA.

  • Knowledge:

The online CPR and First Aid Certification course trains you in both life-saving skills. You will learn to perform CPR in multiple ways and on victims of different ages and medical conditions. The course also debunks myths about first aid. It educates you on the right and updated techniques to treat different types of wounds.

  • Skill:

You learn how to perform one/two-person CPR. Then, you learn how to stop the bleeding with as minimal equipment as you might have. There are training sessions that teach you to use AED to re-regularize a victim’s heartbeat. The certified OSHA trainers also teach how to give chest compressions, rescue breaths, and act in case of sudden cardiac arrest. All these are life-saving skills you will always be thankful for.

  • Confidence:

Not everyone can provide first aid and perform CPR on a patient lying unconscious or bleeding/shouting for help. It requires a lot of confidence, especially when you have to treat your loved ones to save their life. Seeing them lose hope is traumatizing. But CPR and first aid training teach you to be confident.

Get your Official CPR Certification

American HealthCare Academy offers online CPR and First Aid Certification for everyone. If you think you are ready to learn such critical skills, register now at our website. The process is simple to follow. Plus, all our courses are nationally accredited and designed by subject matter experts.