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Why Should I know Infant CPR as a Parent?

parents and infant hands

Enrolling in a First Aid and CPR certification online as a parent is important.  What would you do if your child stopped breathing?  If you lack answers then do not hesitate to join CPR classes. It is a prayer of every parent to keep their baby healthy and safe and obtaining health training could be the answer to those prayers one day.

A CPR process entails chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. With CPR training, you will be taught how to assess an infant (a child less than a year) and perform CPR on them. You have to learn CPR because if wrongly administered, the child might be harmed in the process. 

When to Administer CPR on Infants  

Adults need CPR when they experience a cardiac arrest. More commonly, children need CPR when they experience a respiratory issue that causes a cardiac arrest.  Here are some reasons why breathing in infants might stop: choking, poisoning, inhaling smoke, severe asthma, obstructive apnea, SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome), near drowning, and electrical shock. 

When CPR is applied, it restores the flow of blood to the brain and other important organs. Failure to apply CPR can course permanent brain damage which happens in about 4 minutes or death in about 6 minutes. Perform CPR immediately to bring back breathing to allow time for medical help to arrive. 

What you Learn in an Infant CPR Course 

Learning infant CPR online from a certified professional instructor has proven to allow parents to learn at their own pace and time until mastery. Even while caring for their infant all day, parents can complete the online course in different sittings, at whatever time is most convenient, and playback videos or reread modules. In an online CPR certification class, you will learn prevention, recognition, and response to breathing and cardiac emergencies.

There are a few, essential differences between adult, child, and infant CPR regarding compressions, hand placement, and breathing techniques. Even if you are CPR trained for adults, we recommend getting CPR trained for infants, especially parents or caregivers.

Get started today by joining the American Health Care Academy. Learning first aid and CPR certification online could help you save your child’s life in cases of emergency. If not your child, you can save anyone’s life in case of an emergency.