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Why Is HIPAA Important for Healthcare Workers?


HIPAA is a law passed by the US government. This milestone for US citizens is a stepping stone in healthcare and patient confidentiality. But what is the importance of HIPAA? How does it benefit patients and the healthcare industry alike? How do patients control who their information is shared with? This article answers what is HIPAA, talks about why HIPAA is important for healthcare workers. This article will be your guide in helping you survive in the healthcare business.

5 Benefits of taking HIPAA certification

Let’s dive in and see how and why does HIPAA benefits patients and healthcare providers:

  1. Protection Against PHI Loss

As a healthcare provider, your company interacts with personal files and protected health information.  HIPAA is a protection against Private Healthcare Information (PHI) loss, and it is the crucial benefit your company can avail. When you put your patients and their sensitive data at risk, it is a serious felony. You have to protect patient information with proper checks in place.

A HIPAA certification ensures a guaranteed method for keeping patient files secure, safe and private. In case, this information is divulged, you can face PHI lawsuits and pay heavy fines. As a healthcare institute:

– you must adhere to proper implementation of HIPAA guidelines in your healthcare organization

– you must protect information to protect yourself from lawsuits.

  1. Improved Awareness of Patient Well-being

In the healthcare industry, the patient’s well-being is of utmost priority. Along with well-being also comes sensitive data which is essential. Healthcare providers care for their patient’s health deeply. They may forget how critical safeguarding their information is too.

If you own this certification, your staff members will have the opportunity to get trained to handle patient data. When you hire new members on board, it helps them to better serve their patients. They will be cautious of every deal they have with a patient and its repercussions. With HIPAA training, your staff will understand the difference between sharing information and breach of confidentiality.

Have you been wondering- “Why is it important to comply with HIPAA?” The best way to help improve and increase awareness is to bring in a team that deals with HIPAA compliance services. They will educate the staff on HIPAA privacy laws. Patient consent is needed before information gets legally transferred to another healthcare provider. The recipient partner also needs to be HIPAA compliant.

  1. Patient Safety Culture

To develop a healthy patient-centric culture, you must build a healthy relationship with your patient. It is only possible if your organization invests in the well-being of your patient. This can be done by protecting the patient’s PHI by following HIPAA procedures. This can drastically reduce the errors they make as a team. With changes in policies and procedures, they keep patient’s medical records private and protected at all times.

  1. Gratification From Patients

Trust is the most crucial factor when it comes to the healthcare industry. The quickest way to lose a patient’s trust is when their information is not safeguarded. When there is a security breach, a HIPAA compliance audit is conducted, which happens when a patient or relative gives an official written complaint.

Invest in your patient’s confidentiality by adhering to the HIPAA compliance program that in turn will protect your organization.

  1. A Reduction In Liability

The massive benefits of HIPAA are for patients. Having said that, it is not just them who are protected; but also the organization that adheres to HIPAA laws. When you form a HIPAA compliance team, HIPAA training is mandatory under government regulations. It will ensure your staff members have the proper training, and it helps prevent lawsuits.

If you want to know the answer to – “Do HIPAA laws apply to everyone or just to medical personnel?” The short answer is yes.

If you are irresponsible for not providing due training on HIPAA procedures your organization can receive huge penalties and fines. The company’s executives can also land up in legal troubles for failure of training your staff. This is where the American HealthCare Academy plays a huge role as it will help you get HIPAA certified. It will ensure there is no scope of lawsuits and reduce the room for errors in healthcare.

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Why is HIPAA important in the healthcare industry?

Human life is of utmost importance, and so; is the information about the importance of HIPAA. HIPAA initiated several essential benefits for the healthcare sector to help transition from written documented records to electronic records. It had a massive impact and improved efficiency in the healthcare industry by streamlining administrative healthcare functions and protecting health information to be shared securely. As a healthcare provider or a person in the healthcare industry, it is crucially important that you must know the rules around information security.

How to find the right HIPAA course online?

There are numerous courses available online that are bound to confuse you. To get HIPAA certified, look online for a reputed institution that provides training. Score a higher-paying job or grab that long overdue promotion, then apply for the HIPAA certification today. You can enroll at the American HealthCare Academy and get HIPPA certified today. Our courses provide fundamental training in compliance and will teach you about an individual’s right to personal information, giving you an edge. Our training program adheres to the federal regulations and data provided by the Department of Health and Human Services, and it also provides a clear understanding of common HIPAA violations and penalties.


Free access to medical information makes people vulnerable and insecure. This is where the government needs to step up and formulate rules for the safeguarding of its citizens. We hope this article will help you understand the importance of HIPAA and the need to be certified today with the American HealthCare Academy. Make no delay and register on our website today.