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Here’s What You Need to Do Before Performing Emergency CPR

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Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is one of the first medical aid steps to take when someone is in a state of cardiac arrest or has difficulty breathing. This way, emergency CPR aids in opening up the airway of the victim, potentially enabling an equipped person to save a life. This is what makes it extremely crucial for each and everyone to learn how to perform the procedure.

There are several avenues when it comes to learning CPR including taking a first aid and CPR course online, especially since most of us are working professionals who cannot invest our time in making it to a class or tuition. Learning CPR isn’t just a task that is limited to professionals working in the field of medicine or paramedics. Since it is the first and most crucial course of action in helping an ailing person, it must be known to all.

Before getting to the actual procedure of performing the CPR on the patient, it is first advisable to go through a series of steps that prove to be crucial when it comes to helping the person stay alive and well. Here are a few pointers that everyone must keep in mind before performing emergency CPR.

Call 911 Before Performing Emergency CPR

Before you do anything, dial 911 so that professional emergency aid arrives as soon as possible in order to take over and bring the patient to the hospital. It is extremely important to place a call first since after you have completed the CPR process, the patient will require additional medical assistance from professionals. Calling 911 will also ensure that you get help as soon as possible in order to save the patient’s life. Do not wait until after you have administered the CPR procedure since this can be a major risk.

Communicate with the Patient

Try preventing the patient from falling unconscious by grabbing his/her attention, calling out his/her name, or urging them to stay awake and conscious by shaking them by their shoulders a little bit. If the problem still persists, don’t wait around, perform the CPR process immediately. Online first aid and CPR course work wonders in teaching you the right way to administer a successful CPR procedure.

Check on the Breathing

The final step before you begin with CPR is to find out whether the patient is breathing. Once you get to know that the patient’s breathing has stopped for more than around 10 seconds, move on to performing the CPR on him/her, do not wait for too long, and make sure you always keep a tab on the breathing.

These are primarily the three most crucial steps that you must keep in mind before you get on to performing emergency CPR on an ailing person.

Emergencies can present at any time and it is a good idea to be prepared for them. Joining the American Health Care Academy today and taking a first aid class will get you prepared!