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What if CPR does not work? How to deal with death


When patients suffer from cardiac arrest, the best thing to do is to provide them the lifesaving method they need right away, which is certified CPR. However, reviving a patient doesn’t always yield a 100% success rate. There are instances where performing CPR does not save the life of the victim.

Although CPR is known to be a lifesaving method, such instances cannot be predicted nor prevented. That is why the following below are the ways on how to deal with the patient’s death. 

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  • Do not feel guilty. Never feel mortified of helping a patient in need of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The end never justifies the means which is why if the patient dies even if you performed CPR on them, it doesn’t and will never mean that it is the rescuer’s fault.
  • Never blame yourself if you cannot save the victim’s life. Something to keep in mind is that the patients whom rescuers are performing CPR on are already dead – clinically. This basically means that they are in the state of death as soon as their hearts stopped beating and it is the rescuers’ job to delay the event of a biological death which is permanent.
  • Rescuers should know how to accept the death of their patients. By providing CPR, the rescuer is attempting to increase the possibility of survival until medical support arrives.

Dealing with death is tough. That is why medical experts need to secure the safety of each and every patient that they accommodate. Yet, there are still times where a person’s death occurs in a place outside the hospital boundaries and that is when bystanders need to take action. At this point, it’s important to remember that you tried to save a life, and it is better to try to help, rather than do nothing at all. The person would have died if you did not try anyways. You gave me some hope.

The scenario mentioned above is the main reason why individuals must learn a thing or two about prolonging someone’s life using CPR. To learn more, apply today for an online CPR course offered by the American Health Care Academy. You will never know when these skills might come in handy someday.