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Summer is Here- What Makes a Great Lifeguard?

Summer Time

Summer is here. Families are spending more time on vacations, outdoors, and around swimming pools more during this time of the year than any other. This means that now, more than ever, it’s crucial to know how to get CPR certified.

Keep the fun going, and remember to take safety precautions wherever you are. In places where there is likely more water, the most possible accident to occur is drowning. Find areas to swim in with lifeguards on duty.

 The following shows the characters, knowledge, and skills of a great lifeguard: 

  • Enjoys being in the water

A great lifeguard most likely enjoys being in the water because they are known to be good swimmers. Being confident in the water and in their swimming abilities is essential for being a lifeguard.  

  • Strong and reliable 

Since lifeguards are known to save drowning people, they must possess the physical ability to carry someone from the sea to the shore. They must also be reliable because a great lifeguard always works on time. 

  • Knows how to respond in emergency situations. 

Since drowning is very evident in seas, pools, or resorts then lifeguard must know how to perform first aid care and cardiopulmonary resuscitation on patients who are in need

  • Can interact with others. 

A great lifeguard is friendly but also knows how to enforce safety precautions and rules. Lifeguards, at some point, will look after a large group of people and need to communicate with anyone breaking the pool safety expectations.

Out of all the things mentioned above, the most important trait that a lifeguard must possess is being knowledgeable in emergency situations. Lifeguards must know how to perform first aid or CPR in any sense because these two are very important especially in such cases where someone is drowning.

Hopefully, the area you are in has great lifeguards on duty. It is still recommended to stay extra precautions and learn CPR and First Aid. Enroll in CPR courses online today to be prepared in case of emergency and build confidence to handle the situation.