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5 Reasons Why You Should Learn CPR ?

Reasons, Why You Should Learn CPR ?

Every year in the United States, almost 650,000 individuals die from heart disease. The majority of these people do not get the chance to receive cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) from a bystander, thus significantly reducing their chances of survival.

Fortunately, CPR is not a skill that only paramedics or medical professionals should learn—you are perfectly capable of learning it too! Learning CPR would not only make you confident in the event of a medical emergency but would also help you save lives. Here are 5 more reasons why you should learn CPR.

1. CPR is Easy-to-Learn

Some individuals think that performing CPR is only a job for medical professionals. Others, on the other hand, believe CPR is only applicable to those with years of training and extensive experience in the medical field. Fortunately, you don’t have to complete years of medical school to learn and effectively perform CPR. 

You might be surprised to learn that CPR training is extremely easy to learn, especially when you train under an experienced medical instructor. You can learn how to properly execute chest compressions and be an expert in no time.

You’ll also enjoy CPR classes as they are interactive and hands-on. Furthermore, there are a number of CPR online training courses available which can just be as enjoyable, in addition to being convenient.

2. CPR Prevents Brain Death

When a medical emergency occurs, one of the first things that may occur in your mind is to call 911 and seek immediate help from professionals. While this is a vital step, it’s not always enough. This due to the fact that no matter how quick emergency personnel can send help, no emergency response is immediate.

A lot can happen during those six to 12 minutes before medical help arrives. In fact, this is usually the time when brain death starts to occur just after the heart stops functioning.

Fortunately, by learning CPR, you can effectively and instantly keep blood flowing to provide oxygen to the victim’s brain and other vital organs. This ultimately gives the victim a better chance for a full recovery. 

3. CPR Teaches You How to Properly Handle Emergencies

Medical emergencies can happen anytime and when they do occur, they can make people feel confused and helpless. In fact, about 70% of Americans have no idea of how to properly act in the event of a cardiac emergency because they did not learn CPR.

That’s why it’s extremely important to complete CPR training. Once you do, you’ll have the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively administer CPR in an emergency situation. You can also gain the right amount of confidence, which is vital in making good decisions for any given medical situation.

4. CPR Lets You Become Part of the Solution

During out-of-hospital cardiac arrests, statistics reveal that less than 30% of victims receive bystander CPR. It’s also been shown that less than 3% of the U.S. population receives CPR training. This ultimately leaves many individuals unprepared when it comes to responding to cardiac arrest.

Fortunately, you can do something to become part of the solution. Sign up for a CPR training course today and significantly improve the survival rates of out-of-hospital individuals suffering from cardiac arrest.

5. CPR Saves Lives

Fortunately, when you complete a CPR course, you can effectively perform CPR not only on your loved ones but also on any stranger who requires it. Doing so can keep the person’s blood circulating until medical personnel arrives on the scene. This ultimately improves their chances of survival, thus, saving the lives of people that matter. If you want to know how long does CPR certificatin last, then the answer is 2 years. You can renew it when it’s near expiry.

With sudden cardiac arrest as the leading cause of death in the United States, it’s more important than ever to learn how to perform CPR. Not only is it easy to learn and interactive but it also lets you save many people’s lives.

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