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Online CPR Certification v/s ACLS: Know It All


CPR which is also known as cardiopulmonary resuscitation is the main idea behind an online CPR certification. This certification can help you to learn how to perform CPR when the need arises. America has witnessed at least 8 out of 9 people having a cardiac attack outside hospitals and dying. Timely administration of CPR can change those numbers drastically, as per AHA or the American Heart Association. 

Cardiac arrest is the topmost reason people in America call 911 all the time. ACLS is an advanced course in comparison to CPR. It is for medical professionals and a lay person under American Health Care Academy or AHCA. 

Why Choose Online CPR Certification?

Going for group online CPR classes or for an accredited CPR course is important since:

  • This is one of the ways to embrace the Good Samaritan Way of life. The Good Samaritan is more than just a law followed internationally, and is also a way of life. This includes doing what is best even in extreme crises.
  • CPR course materials are self-paced, which means these courses can adjust to anyone’s schedule. Some courses also award 4.0 contact hours.
  • In real-time, however, the courses may take just 1-2 hours to finish. Also, you don’t have to finish them in one go. Course material access is free for 60 days from the purchase date. 
  • The CPR course offerings come with a 2-year validity. They are also nationally accredited. There is also a money back assurance from AHCA.  
  • You can get CPR certified online minus any hassles. Some of these courses are not just for trained first responders but for laymen also.  You may have to make small payments to unlock course quizzes after 60 days are over. For full clarification on the same, separate Terms and Conditions are available for ready reference on the AHCA website. 

Other Online CPR Certification Benefits

  • You can achieve the best online CPR certifications with AED certification included as well (provided you choose that course).
  • CPR certification and training can help people understand what to do in emergencies that involve children, infants, and adults alike. The high-quality CPR training is simple, convenient, and fast. The accreditation is also valid and led by experts. CPR interventions triples the chances of survival in most cases.
  • AHCA updates the programs regularly as per AHA and national standards.  It is also executed by OSHA and AHA-trained experts. The teams do keep up with the latest trends in medical research too. Accuracy is thus never compromised and the classes are easy to comprehend. The trainers are also backed by ECC or Emergency Cardiovascular Care.
  • All courses achieved 5 stars on Google and the brand AHCA has achieved a rating of about 4.8 out of 5. In case of any queries, you can reach out to us using our phone number which is 1-888-277-7865. Other modes of support are also available like emails, fax, and online query submissions here.
  • This training develops one’s theoretical concepts and makes sure continuous education practices are there. The training, if taken more seriously, can ensure that there is greater precaution and safety preservation. It is an AHCA special initiative to carry on with the dissemination of data and research development.

Why Choose Our Online ACLS Certification?

  • Online ACLS certification helps people to explore courses about life support in-depth. This includes plenty of materials regarding preventing cardiac arrest, procedures for critical care, optimizing teamwork, etc. This means that the course is for learning the importance of proper team dynamics and communication as well. The courses follow the latest AHA guidelines, which provide one with more confidence to handle pressing situations on a real-time basis. 
  • Modules include enhancing the effects of training, based on a post-cardiac arrest, cardiopulmonary arrest, stroke, acute dysrhythmia, ACS that is acute coronary syndrome, etc. Teachings curated, are for patients who are critically ill and require more attention. This includes cardiac monitoring, drug usage, electrical treatment, placement of advanced airways, etc. The courses visit basic topics also such as recognizing emergencies. 
  • This course also has a mandatory check-call-care training process too, which is also known as the 3 Cs of first aid. This, although is also a mandatory part of CPR training too. To surmise, this course is mostly for emergency healthcare professionals who need to administer CPR regularly. It includes advanced topics such as multiple megacode scenarios, clinical scenarios and ACLS pharmacology. 
  • The acceptance rate is currently 98% and this course is also self-paced. Which means the course fits in your busy schedules. The students receive data so effectively that passing an examination is no problem at all. Hidden expenses are also abolished from the process which explains our ratings of 5 stars by Google. 
  • Our certification also includes printable copy of wallet certification card and wallet card delivered within 5-7 business days.

Key differences between Online CPR and ACLS certification

The key differences are in the use of AED or Automated External Defibrillators in different courses. ACLS courses mandatorily teach to use the same while a standard CPR course will not unless it is a CPR-AED combined course. ACLS is, after all, a more advanced version of the CPR course. 

Also, ACLS is a recommended course for medical professionals unlike the CPR course. It takes care of advanced topics such as ACLS Pharmacology, stable tachycardia, bradycardia etc. 

CPR courses cost around $14.95 which is the starting price for single certifications. The ACLS course is however more expensive at around $119. 

Conclusion-Choose ACLS or Online CPR Certification?

ACLS is for more advanced medical professionals and the CPR course may be the initial step before taking the ACLS course. You can enquire about both from the AHCA home page! Get your CPR certification and ACLS card today!

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