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All About ACLS Certification

image for acls certification Online CPR Certification

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support, or ACLS certification, is a course for healthcare workers. Even healthcare professionals may find it impossible to learn how to administer ACLS. Having a formal medical background does not ensure that anyone can have the necessary skills. By taking an ACLS course, you will learn how to treat patients who have recently experienced cardiac arrest. Along with the technical knowledge, this advanced certification course also provides:

  • understanding and forming medical team dynamics
  • effective communication

ACLS training for its certification is a must for medical professionals.

Who needs ACLS certification?

The ACLS training and certification covers sophisticated, extended techniques. These are more advanced and difficult than those covered by Basic Life Support (BLS). ACLS improves upon BLS and advances the situation. Though, it is not a necessary skill or certification to have. Yet, many healthcare professionals choose to enroll in this course. It is also a great way to pick up skills that could be valuable if a new job opportunity should present itself. The medical personnel who need ACLS certification are as follows:

  • Who supervises or manages cardiovascular emergencies
  • Who work in intensive and critical care units
  • Who work in emergency response or emergency medicine

What can ACLS-certified nurses do?

Compared to doctors, nurses spend a lot more time with patients. As a result, they are more likely to provide first aid when a patient has a medical emergency. Most ACLS-certified nurses handle cardiac-related and other life-threatening medical situations in the emergency rooms and urgent care centers. The nurses working there are more likely to put their ACLS training to use. Nurses also work at nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Occurrences of cardiac arrest and other cardiovascular emergencies are quite common here. Nurses must also meet ongoing training needs. It includes Continuing Education (CE) requirements. It must get the required Continuing Education Units (CEU) to work on the field.

Do doctors or nurses need ACLS?

Doctors, nurses, emergency care staff, paramedics, and physician assistants must be pre-trained in ACLS. It provides instruction in fundamental pharmacological therapy and successful team dynamics. It also teaches skills, helpful when working in the field. Like other online medical certification programs, the goal of ACLS is to:

  • Improve survival rates
  • Preserve the quality of the patient’s life
  • Attempt to preserve neurological function after cardiac arrests, heart attacks, and strokes
ACLS course details

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) training encompasses several invasive operations. Hence, it is for advanced medical experts only. ACLS certification training offers instruction on essential advancements in advanced cardiovascular life support. The training also covers early diagnosis and management of:

  • Respiratory arrest
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Peri-arrest states such as symptomatic bradycardia
  • BLS techniques like chest compressions
  • Use of bag-mask
  • Caring for acute coronary syndromes and stroke
  • Airway management
  • Resuscitation team dynamics
  • Pharmacology

How to get ACLS certified?

There are two ways to pursue ACLS certification training:

  • The first way is through classroom teaching methods
  • The second is through online mediums.

American HealthCare Academy (AHCA) offers best-in-class ACLS courses online. It gives you the flexibility of doing the course at your convenience. We understand that you are a medical professional with a busy schedule. It can be very challenging to find the time to pursue a course. Hence, we offer flexibility and convenience in our online courses. You will have access to our videos and study materials by the time you complete the course and pass the exam. You can also retake the exam as many times as you would need.


Most employers in the medical industry have ACLS certification requirements for employment. It means that every medical professional must receive the necessary ACLS training. You must know all the advancements and developments. Nurses and other healthcare professionals can avail the various online certifications offered by AHCA. Register now at our website or call 1-888-277-7865.