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Important Ways to Help A Person With Severe Burns

Burning Food in Oven

People who recover from severe burns state that a supporting family and helpful friends play an essential role in the process of healing burn wounds. There are cases where survivors said that they received help from people they never knew, and others confessed that some friends disappeared when they fell ill. It is useful to enroll in an emergency first aid for burns course so that you can help a patient effectively.

Injured patients should not be isolated. A first aid burns course will equip a person with knowledge about how to give first aid, show support, and care for burn victims.

Visiting Burn Victims in Hospitals

Inquire if visitors are allowed for the visiting hours in the medical facility. During surgery and recovery, when patients are under heavy sedation, visiting is rejected. The hours’ visitors are commonly accepted to visit patients is during the afternoon and evenings after they have undergone physical therapy.

Carry a Gift for the Patients but Not Flowers

Flowers may carry germs and harmful bacteria, which can damage the health of a patient. Some hospitals agree to have artificial flowers placed in the rooms of burn patients. The most recommended items to take as a gift include:

  • Comic books
  • Drawing books and crayons or a journal
  • Pictures and posters that they love and which acts as a reminder of a moment both of you shared
  • Bring their favorite foods with high-calorie composition
  • You can gift a nurse who takes care of the burn patient

Tips for Starting a Conversation with a Burn Patient

If the patient is ready to talk about how the accident occurred, listen keenly, and talk less. When a patient feels cagey and does not want to indulge in such talks, respect the decision, and never insist.

Speak positively about the injury. Avoid statements that make the patient feel attacked or threatened. Point out how strong it is to suffer such burns and still have the hope of living a healthy life.

A show of empathy through a message that explains how tragic events have affected you as a person will encourage the patient. Work on your non-verbal communication and body language because you may send the wrong message to the victim.

What Else You Can Do Apart from Hospital Visits

  • Send a well-wishing card to the patient
  • Volunteer to help sustain the immediate family by providing food and doing some household activities
  • Take care of the children

Things to Do When a Patient Gets Discharged From Hospital

The truth is that many of those patients who arrive home do not receive the care they were getting at the hospital. It becomes hard for them to drive back for therapy and also survive by themselves.

  • Drive them to the hospital when they are going for check-ups
  • Help the patient’s family abundantly
  • Welcome the patient back by throwing them a party
  • Visit them once in a while and listen to how they are fairing

Do not be so kind to the patient and forget about your health. Take breaks when you require them because others can also help them.

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