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Hiking? First Aid and CPR Course is a Must for You

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If you are an outdoor sports and adventure lover, perhaps hiking is your favorite activity to do. Finishing the trail or reaching the top of a mountain is the most thrilling experience. So, if hiking is one of the best ways to enjoy a day outside, then be sure that you are geared up with the right knowledge of CPR. Knowing how to perform CPR and first aid is undoubtedly as necessary for a hiking journey as carrying water and the right gear. You can select from high-quality wilderness first aid courses available online and offline. You will greatly benefit from learning from free CPR classes in your daily life too. With the right CPR training, you can always be prepared for any circumstance. However, when you are out on a hike, it is a crucial skill to learn. The American HealthCare Academy (AHCA), Florida, provides life-saving courses where you can register today and save a life tomorrow.

Love hiking in the woods? Learn First Aid and CPR

Generally, the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) response time is about 8 to 9 minutes in case you encounter a medical emergency. Nature is unpredictable, and accidents can happen in the wilderness too. What begins as a pleasant trip, climb, or float can quickly become a dangerous situation. Now imagine a scenario in which you are in the wilderness or backcountry, you’ve hiked nine miles from the trailhead and there’s no mobile service. In locations like these, medical assistance might not show up for hours or even days—who knows?

Taking CPR and first aid course through a wilderness first aid training course from a reputed institute will make you a responsible hiker. American HealthCare Academy offers high-quality CPR and first aid courses that are designed to prepare you to face any adversity during hiking or any outdoor adventure. You many want to know how long does CPR certification last. It lasts for 2 years and after that you can renew it with us.

What should I pack in my first aid kit while hiking?

While planning a hiking trip, mindfully assess the duration and nature of your journey. If you have already prepared a first aid kit, then examine every item in it and decide whether you need all the items, some of them, or need to add things specific to your trip. Often, hikers tend to carry unnecessary gear along out of sheer habit rather than necessity. However, always remember prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to making the best first aid kit for hiking and the outdoors.

For reduced weight and bulk, carry the appropriate size of the items for your kit. If you don’t want to take a box, then go for a waterproof pouch. To make the best first aid kit for hiking and the outdoors, you need the following items – List of first aid items for hiking :

  1. Light medical or surgical tape for wounds or blisters
  2. Latex-free medical gloves to avoid the spread of infection
  3. Antiseptic wipes for cleaning wounds
  4. Sterile gauze for dressing the wounds
  5. Hand sanitizer in a mini size
  6. The sample size for antibiotic ointment
  7. Medicines—Ibuprofen, antihistamine, paracetamol
  8. A tiny roll of duct tape
  9. A Swiss Army Knife or any similar utility tool
  10. Sewing needle and dental floss for thread
  11. Safety pins
  12. Tiny whistle
  13. Small flashlight
  14. Emergency fire starter in case you are hiking on an extreme trail or remote area
  15. Small card with emergency contact details and any other important medical information

To be fully prepared for a hike, whether you are hiking alone or with a group of people, you must take a first aid and CPR course. When you step outdoors, you’ll do so with the utmost confidence and readiness to face any medical emergency.

How to find the right course?

To find the right CPR and first aid courses, you should opt for the courses offered by American HealthCare Academy. Complete our online courses at your suitable pace. They are industry-compliant with the updated curriculum. Our nationally accredited courses are designed by OSHA-certified trainers.

Online CPR Certification

An online CPR and first aid certification course is the right choice for you if work or family keeps you busy. Especially if you are a professional hiker, then planning, organizing, or going on hiking trips surely occupies your maximum time. Therefore, to make the best use of your time, learning the steps of CPR in adult CPR and opting for an online CPR and first aid certification from American HealthCare Academy will allow you to finish the course whenever you want and wherever you want. You can focus on your trip while also completing the course without worrying about going to an offline class.


It’s time to upskill yourself and get an edge over others by learning CPR and first aid certification near me. American HealthCare Academy’s nationally accepted online certification courses will train you in life-saving skills needed in the event of medical emergencies. All our courses are created by OSHA-certified subject-matter experts. Register right now at our website.