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4 Groups That Need Online CPR Certification

Group CPR certification

You and a group of friends or family members might hang out often to create memories. But unfortunately, anyone can faint or get a sudden cardiac arrest. There is never a surety that we are safe in the presence of our loved ones. To tackle such medical emergencies, group CPR and first aid training classes are a must. At least, that way, the entire group wouldn’t be panicking and give priority to everyone’s health and safety whenever they get a chance. Students in a group would also have the right approach to face this challenge and work together to save a life. This basic life support (BLS) skill through first aid certification could help you save someone you know. You don’t want to waste even a single second before performing CPR. With the right training from American HealthCare Academy’s (AHCA) nationally accredited online CPR certification, a patient has a better chance of being saved. Let’s explore the group CPR class deals and discounts below before enrolling in the group CPR course.

What Is The Cost Of Group CPR Training?

American HealthCare Academy offers discounted group CPR training programs with basic life support courses as well. These classes are for a group of 5 or more learners. You can be a group of friends, family members, or corporate colleagues. The cost of the group CPR and first aid training will be as low as it could be according to the market rates. To know about the rates or quotes in detail, you can contact our customer success experts at 1-888-277-7865. Otherwise, you can visit the Group Discount page on our website. There is a form to apply for group discounts for instant access to the course. The registration process is simple, and you will learn about the cost when you get in touch with our course experts. The lowest possible cost for a group of 5 or more is guaranteed.

4 Groups That Need Online CPR Certification

Online CPR certification training by AHCA is for everyone capable of learning. However, refer to the core four groups that benefit consistently by passing the group CPR training.

1. Healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals are one of the groups that need regular CPR training sessions. They are constantly facing life-threatening situations. And having updated knowledge from CPR and first aid training session is a mandate for many of them. And registering for the group CPR class at AHCA would provide them with more learning experiences cost-effectively. Plus, each healthcare provider, trainer, or professional earns CE credit hours from the online CPR certification course we provide.

2. Corporate colleagues or employees

Registering for and learning CPR in a group can be a team-bonding activity for colleagues. They spend almost half of their day together. So, anyone could need CPR at any time during business or working hours. The AHCA’s online CPR certification course offers amazing group deals and discounts for corporate colleagues.

3. A group of friends and family members

You can never estimate when anyone near or dear to you might need your help in preventing sudden cardiac arrest. That certain someone could be your loved one. But enrolling in group CPR training is a need for a group of family and friends. It makes the entire support group more trustworthy in the case of medical emergencies. You wouldn’t panic and know how to perform CPR well, coordinating with your friends and saving a precious life at the toughest hour of your life.

4. Students

CPR is a life-saving technique for everyone. A group of students may not always have the cash or budget to enroll in individual online CPR classes. Students can together register for the necessary CPR class at AHCA. It would help them learn to save a life with a brave heart and a sharp mind. They would not be scared and take charge of the medical emergency whenever someone in front of them faints or misses the heartbeat, leading to a sudden cardiac arrest or brain death situation.

Benefits Of Group Online CPR Course

Learning CPR and first aid certification course could be less interesting and more fact-based. But enrolling in group CPR training has multiple advantages. These pertain to:

1. Improvement in teamwork

Teams can learn how to complete a rescue mission together without committing a mistake or causing medical blunders. They will more likely perform high-quality CPR together with a CPR group class from OSHA-trained experts at AHCA.

2. Ongoing motivation

Team members encourage each other when someone lacks the motivation to finish the course training. There is a mutual understanding of the importance of the course and the inner need to finish it effectively and diligently.

3. Financial benefits

Not everyone can afford to invest time in individual online CPR certification courses. Learning crucial life-saving skills like CPR in the group is fun. Plus, AHCA offers discounted CPR training. So, there are financial benefits to every group which needs to learn this skill.

Group and Corporate Discounts for Online CPR Training

Group CPR class deals for various groups like students, teachers, trainers, medical professionals, and corporate employees are available at AHCA. Anyone who wants to register for the online CPR training course can do so easily with their group. There will be a single group customer ID for the entire group. So, the ease of learning is great with financial benefits, of course.


Group CPR training is easy, fun, challenging, but equally exciting. Group members can encourage each other to complete the course learning material on time and take the quiz thereon. American HealthCare Academy lets you finish the online CPR certification course at your pace. We follow updated American Heart Association guidelines as well. Each member gets a mailed-in wallet card and printable CPR certificate after the payment. So, start the group CPR certification course by AHCA today!