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Learn CPR and First-Aid Skills Online

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Some skills are fundamental in our daily lives as they could be the difference between life and death. Rated highly, is the possession of CPR and first-aid certification that is very applicable at any given moment.

Research by the National Safety Council has proven that over 25% of the total emergency room visits could be avoided if more people could have CPR and first-aid skills. This analysis is both shocking and an eye-opening opportunity for each one of us. Since you cannot comprehend when an accident or emergency is likely to occur the only option at hand is to be prepared for such scenarios. Taking precautions takes many forms from maintaining the approved safety standards in a workplace to having a rapid response system.

These precautions are essential and mandatory for any environment but are not self-sufficient. To boost the efficiency of these factors pursuing a first aid and CPR certificate is highly beneficial. Thanks to the rapid technology development, you can now pursue this certification right from the comfort of your home or office. Online training allows you to skill up even as you go about your everyday duties while also learning according to your own pace.

More and more people are succumbing to cardiovascular emergencies due to a lack of early interventions. These occur at the workplace, home, or even in public spaces. This is a situation that can be reversed by more people acquiring basic CPR and first-aid training. Increasing public awareness and registering for online courses as you encourage more colleagues, friends, and family members to do the same is a step to sustainability. Instant first-aid or CPR has the potential to double or triple a victim’s survival chances due to the maintenance of brain function and breathing.

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CPR course topics

There are several units that are essential for you to cover before receiving a first aid and CPR certificate. These topics include;

  • How to respond to an unconscious infant, child, and adult
  • Steps to recognizing emergencies
  • Recovery positions
  • Check-call-care
  • How to handle choking
  • Key important factors
  • Automated external defibrillator (AED)
  • Deciding to act

At the end of each course, you will be required to take a quiz to test your understanding and be eligible for a certificate. These certificates are nationally and internationally accepted as they are provided in line with established rules and regulations in the health sector.

Benefits of acquiring a first aid and CPR certificate

Once you acquire a first aid and CPR certificate you are legally allowed to handle a person during an emergency applying your skills before a medical team arrives at the scene. You will also be in a position to respond to different situations in accordance with professional guidelines minimizing the impacts of an accident. In exceptional cases where extra assistance is needed by a team of medical practitioners, your skills will be of importance in helping save lives.

First aid and CPR skills are live-saving skills and as such are only offered by professional instructors who are actively involved in health care. On average it is recommended that you renew your certificate after every two years to keep in touch with new changes in the ever-evolving medical industry.