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CPR Training in Schools Could Help Survival Rates

CPR Training

According to recent statistics in the year 2016, approximately 90 percent of people who experienced cardiac arrest outside the hospital setting were not able to survive. Cardiac arrest has been one of the leading causes of death for the past few years. As a very alarming fact, American Health Care Academy, a Nationally Accepted organization, has been extending its efforts to provide quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to increase the survival rate of people experiencing cardiac arrest or any other heart-related illnesses and health issues.

According to the American Heart Association, if a particular patient of cardiac arrest is given immediate emergency response correctly CPR since it preserves the brain function until further medical assistance or help comes and can be utilized, it doubles or even triples the chance of the person to survive. A lot of individuals take special CPR training just to equip them with the knowledge so that they can deal with such emergency situations wherever they are. One of the groups of people who are capable of conducting this kind of emergency response practice is the students.

In the United States, a majority of students have received their lectures in the curriculum about how CPR is performed. The millennials then empowered themselves with the skills to save millions of lives by actually responding to emergencies. Conducting CPR training in school doesn’t involve only the students but the teachers as well. CPR is not just a mere formal educational lesson in school for the children but a way of benefiting the future society.

Various advantages for the students in acquiring CPR training are:

  • Ability to save the lives of people who suffered from a heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest
  • In addition to the population of credible individuals who can conduct CPR
  • Employers would be impressed that young children and adolescents are knowledgeable about these practices
  • Students gain a better level of confidence
  • Students tend to become more responsible as they have the credibility to conduct CPR
  • Individuals who know CPR can increase the survival rate for cardiac arrest victims by more than 40 percent

The number of schools that are offering knowledge and teaching relevant training for first aid and CPR has been increasing which can help the children to handle emergency situations and gain the ability to save lives. Aside from being able to help other people in need, students would also have the chance to meet the standard prerequisites required in their future job especially those that are pursuing the medical field.

If school youth are given an opportunity to undergo quality CPR training, the survival rate of cardiac arrest patients will boost at a far higher rate. Even though they are considered as children or only poor students, being properly trained in doing emergency CPR can cause a greater alteration between life and death of a person when no other trained person or medic is around.

Even though those kids may not be as secure and reliable compared to other adults, it is still important for them to have enough ideas even just on CPR alone to be able to perform it effectively and help other people in need.
American Health Care Academy is here to help individuals, from the youngest of age that can read and comprehend text up to the elderly aged, to realize the importance and benefits of being a knowledgeable citizen and to work the way towards the improvement of life. Enrolling in the quality CPR training and other courses of American Health Care Academy is one right decision and step in being a responsible individual. Learn more about our discount benefits group to certify students and staff at your school.