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CPR First Aid Training: How Long is a CPR Class?

CPR First Aid Training: How Long is a CPR Class?

When it comes to life-saving techniques, first aid training and CPR are at the top of the list. These pivotal skills can make the difference between life and death. However, several people often hesitate to get trained, often due to certain misconceptions. The truth, however, is that the duration tends to vary and accommodates several needs and schedules.

It might surprise you that a basic CPR class can also be as short as 2 hours! However, this is not only a course and involves several comprehensive classes that delve deeper into the subject matter. Thus, whether you are a caring parent or a professional, the CPR first aid training course fits your schedule perfectly. Keep reading to explore how long is a cpr class for and learn the factors that influence their duration.

What factors determine the length of a CPR first aid class?

The length of a CPR first aid class can be influenced by several factors, which makes it adaptable and flexible to different needs. From the certification requirements to the depth of the content, several elements come into play while determining the duration of the courses. Here are factors that determine the length of a CPR first aid class:

  1. Course Content: The scope of the course primarily influences the duration of the class. Basic classes focus on the skills people need, like chest compression and rescue breaths. Therefore, this type of course, which covers more sophisticated themes such as CPR for babies and children, choking, and the use of AEDs, takes longer.
  2. Certification Requirements: Some professions require CPR first aid certification that is typically more advanced and lengthy. The training requirement for healthcare providers and lifeguards include both theory and practical courses, as immersion is the main factor in the increase in overall course length.
  3. Learning Format: The content of the course is another significant factor. The traditional classroom courses last longer since they are interactive and require involvement from students, which could make the time commitment in one’s schedule shorter when compared to the online courses, which are learner-driven.
  4. Prior Knowledge of Students: A student’s initial skill in CPR and first aid techniques affects the length of the course. Those who have previous experience or knowledge can be directed towards the short classes that are normally for refreshers, which are comparable to starters.

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How long do CPR classes take?

A basic CPR course’s duration is flexible and adapts to the varied needs and schedules of those seeking training. Flexibility is crucial and allows several individuals to gain vital life-saving skills. So how long does a CPR class take? Most standard CPR classes last between three and four hours and offer an understanding of the procedures involved in performing resuscitation. The classes cover crucial fundamental CPR techniques and equip participants with the necessary skills to respond during emergencies.

Additionally, there are shorter options as well. For example, some certification classes are completed in as little as 2 hours. These courses focus on adult CPR, making them ideal for those looking for a comprehensive introduction to the life-saving skill.

Are there extended CPR training courses available?

Yes, extended CPR first aid training is available for those seeking knowledge and crucial skills. The courses cover several topics, such as incorporating elements such as advanced first aid, specialized procedures for different age groups, and the use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs). There are a few courses that ensure compliance and prepare the workforce for several emergencies. These cater to distinct needs and provide comprehensive preparation for different kinds of emergencies.

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How does the course duration influence the depth of knowledge gained?

The duration of a course influences the depth of knowledge gained. The concept of ‘depth’ refers to the level of proficiency one attains in a specific subject or skill. A study published in Sage Journals titled “Duration matters: Investigation of the relative role of depth and duration in study abroad programs indicated that both depth and duration play crucial roles. This means that the extra time granted in these longer courses enables learners to explore the underlying concepts of such complex topics at an in-depth level.

Furthermore, the other study, “The Differential Effects of Knowledge Depth and Knowledge Breadth on Creativity Over Careers,” from the Academy of Management Journal, disclosed that obtaining in-depth knowledge brings about the greatest achievements. This implies that rather than experiential learning, the best one can master is the one that provides more complete knowledge, thus encouraging creativity and innovations.


So how long does it take to get a CPR certification? CPR first aid training varies in length and ranges from 2 to 5 hours. The duration usually depends on the complexity and certification. Basic CPR and AED courses can be short, such as 2 hours, and can also extend up to 5 hours. Enroll for a course online, as these equip individuals with vital life-saving skills and lead to a two-year certification upon successful completion.