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CPR Certification: Its Purpose and Importance Today

CPR Certification Its Purpose and Importance Today

With heart-related ailments such as cardiac arrest and heart attack are increasingly becoming more rampant, having ample knowledge and skill about first aid techniques such as CPR and having a CPR certification card is definitely a must nowadays. However, what is CPR?

Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation, or most commonly known as CPR, is a procedure that composes of chest compressions and artificial ventilation that is usually done to a person who is experiencing cardiac arrest. This procedure, however, is not as simple as it may sound. Proper CPR training is definitely needed in order to deliver this first aid method correctly.

Studies show that the United States of America has only a small population of 3-5% of people who are trained in proper CPR and know how to respond in case someone near them gets a cardiac emergency. The American Health Association shows that over 359,000 emergency CPR cases happen outside the hospital and having a CPR certification equips one with the capability to save a life – whenever and wherever.

With these facts stated, here are some of the benefits of being CPR and first aid certified:

CPR Saving lives

Saving lives, one CPR procedure at a time

Let’s face it – numerous cardiac crises arise at homes, schools, offices, and in the streets. All these places might be far from the hospital and it would definitely take time before the victims are seen and examined by medical personnel. If the victims do not receive immediate help, their condition would deteriorate, or worse, end up in death.

With proper CPR training and certification, you are not only able to assist the patient before the medical team gets to your location, hence, you will also be able to save a life.

CPR Certification is a good addition to your resume

CPR Certification is a good addition to your resume

Equipping yourself with CPR certification gives you leverage at work. Most employers – whether it may be in the medical, construction, and education industries – require that employees have CPR certification in case a cardiac arrest, heart attack, or any cardiac problems arise in the workplace.

It gives you peace of mind

It gives you peace of mind

Being knowledgeable about CPR allows you to have peace of mind since you know how to handle unforeseen situations like a sudden cardiac arrest scenario. Whether you are mountaineering, on a ski trip, skateboarding at the park, or swimming at the beach – you are ensured that you are physically, mentally, and medically prepared for any heart-related emergency that may occur.

Sharing is caring

Sharing is caring

One of the best reasons for having a CPR certification is that you can ultimately share the information that you have learned throughout your training. By doing this, you are spreading awareness about the importance of CPR in society.

Key Takeaway

Being a trained and certified CPR individual is clearly a step in the right direction that would not only equip you with necessary lifesaving skills, hence, will also prepare you to handle sudden cardiac emergencies.

If you are looking to boost your professional resume as well as gain practical skills to handle emergencies, click to get CPR certified online.