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Be Prepared for an Emergency at or Away from Home


Whether on vacation, at the toy store, or living room, an emergency could happen at any time, at any place. If you have an emergency that requires CPR, will you be prepared?  Obtaining a CPR certification is a great precautionary effort and a greater necessity in times of emergency.  

Choking Statistics: A CPR Wake Up Call

Consider this. Every year more than 17,000 children and infants are admitted to emergency rooms across the United States due to choking. That’s a sobering statistic. Break it down even further and it can be terrifying. Take a look at the data below. Of the 17,000 choking instances in 2001

  1. 60% were food-related  
  2. 31% involved non-food substances
  3. 9% involved undetermined objects  

However, of the food-related incidents, 19% involved candy or gum. That means 1/5th of all food-related choking incidents resulted from a child having candy or gum in their mouth.

Toys are just as dangerous. The latest fidget spinner craze caused two children to almost choke to death. The first was a ten-year-old girl in Texas who had to have the fidget spinner bearing surgically removed from her throat. The second was a five-year-old boy from Oregon who choked on a piece of the spinner even after he was shown a picture of the X-ray from the Texas incident as a warning. Gum, candy, toys… these are common objects our children encounter every day. All it takes is one choking instance at the mall, on vacation, or eating out with the family for a life to be in jeopardy.

Why CPR Certification Matters 

Individuals who suffer cardiac arrest are three times more likely to survive if bystander CPR is administered when the event occurs. In saying that, being surrounded by certified individuals could make a difference in life and death for the victim. That’s a great reason to obtain CPR certification. You never know when something will happen away from home but you make the choice to be prepared.  

Take a look at what the American Health Care Academy has to offer.  

  • All of our courses are Nationally Accepted and follow current guidelines 
  • All course instructors are certified by national emergency response organizations 
  • Any course may be used for certification or re-certification   

Furthermore, at American Health Care Academy, we offer 60-day unlimited course access and a money-back guarantee. Our goal is to equip you with the best possible information that you can use to intervene and potentially save a life should an emergency occur. The average class lasts between one and two hours, and you may print your certification upon completion of the course.

Register for a CPR class online or First Aid course now and be prepared for the next emergency. You never know when they will happen, but you can be ready when they do occur. Browse our online course options today and choose the one that best suits your needs. We have a range of courses and with certification prices starting at $12.99. Don’t be the person who stands by and wishes they could have done something. Be the one who is prepared to act. Join the American Health Care Academy and improve your life-saving skills today.