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5 Common Fears That Stop People from Performing CPR

fears of giving CPR Online CPR Certification

It is a shared common fear that many people tend to have that stops them from performing CPR in public. There are many reasons for the same. In this article, we will discuss the top five fears that are also common misconceptions.  

1. Fear Of Being Sued

Imagine coming forward to help someone in case of an emergency and later being sued for performing CPR. Shocking, right? Almost makes one wonder whether one would want to be applauded a hero or walk away without any laurels. After all, who would want to be sued for being a Good Samaritan. Can you get sued for performing CPR? In order to protect bystanders from performing CPR, there are Good Samaritan Laws set by the state. This way bystanders will not be liable to any legal consequences for saving a patient’s life. You do not need to worry about providing emergency CPR as long as you are performing it the right way according to the level of training.

2. Fear Of Hurting The Victim

So many times, bystanders may be in two minds when asked to deliver CPR to a patient. More often than not, this is because people are hesitant that may cause damage to the patient instead of saving a life. Even worse, they are scared they might fracture a rib. If you have mastered the  skill of performing CPR correctly, you would know that, while doing it, you’re more likely to break a rib or two. Ensure that each compression should be at a depth of about two inches on an adult to get blood circulating in the body again. When you learn the correct way of performing CPR with a reputable place like American HealthCare Academy, you need not worry about causing harm to the patient.

3. Fear Of Performing CPR Incorrectly

While you may know how to perform CPR, there may be a certain lack of confidence which arises in an emergency situation. Americans are usually reluctant performing CPR for fear of applying incorrect techniques. While it is natural for first-timers to be nervous or scared, this situation is the real reason where hands-on CPR comes in. With proper training from a reputable organization like American HealthCare Academy, you will master the art of performing CPR, understand legal and ethical issues as per the bystander effect, and most definitely, you will walk away a hero.

4. Fear Of Incompetency

A common but crucial fear that prevents bystanders from performing on the spot CPR is the fear of incompetency. Learning to perform CPR on a manikin is drastically different than doing it to a human being. It instills fear in an individual which honestly is a very relatable reaction. Studies also show that women are less likely to receive CPR than men for fear of being touched inappropriately. The only feasible solution is to get certified by a renowned institute that will help you with practical skills in emergencies.

5. Fear Of Contracting A Disease

There are a million thoughts going on in the minds of bystanders when they witness an accident or casualty, but it is natural for some to fear they may catch an illness. A common belief that is incorrect is that giving CPR may lead to the individual contracting a disease while performing it. Is this true? Absolutely not! The chance of getting transmitted with disease from resuscitation is highly impossible. 

Take Online CPR course

Upskilling yourself with an online CPR training course is the best gift you can give yourself. These courses will help you help save someone’s life. While many organizations offer CPR courses choose a reputed one that is American Heart Association certified and provides you with an accredited certification.


Once you get certified, you can apply for high-paying jobs that will pay you well. These training courses show your dedication to help save someone’s life. Read up on the modules before you take up the course or you will end up wasting precious time and money. The American HealthCare Academy provides you with CPR courses at affordable prices. You get a valid certificate and study credits at the end of your course. Register on the AHCA website today and get started.