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3 P’s of first aid every healthcare provider should know of


Did you know that applying medicine to a child’s wound counts as first aid? Yes, it does. First aid is defined as any help given to a sick or injured person until full medical treatment is available. This means, even applying ointment on your child’s wound counts as first aid. In fact, mothers and school teachers usually go about providing first aid without giving it much thought. In this article, we will discuss and learn about the 3 P’s of first aid before you register for online first-aid and cpr training course certification with the American HealthCare Academy. 

What are the 3 P’s of first aid?

1. The first P is for Preserving Life: First aid course teaches you to be prompt in helping people with injuries. When you perform CPR, you must first analyze your surroundings and initiate the CAB process.

2. The second P is to Prevent Deterioration: As a first aid healthcare provider, you need to keep patient safety as a top priority. It indicates you must find a safe and comfortable spot for your patient until the emergency medical team (EMT) arrives. Your job is to ensure your patient is comfortable even after the EMT arrives on scene. This means you must monitor the patient’s stats and vitals and be vigilant for any heart failures or seizures.

3. The third P is about Promoting Recovery: People who experience injuries go through trauma. Injured persons need reassurance that everything will be okay. You need to motivate patients to keep their spirits up. 

Importance of first aid certification training

Just like the knowledge of lighting a fire helps you to cook food, likewise, the knowledge of first aid will help you to stay prepared in case of emergencies. All you need to do is search the internet for reputed institutes like the American Healthcare Academy and register for their life-saving courses. Below are listed a few points to help you understand the importance of first aid certification.

  • First aid training is important because it teaches you how to provide immediate help to someone who is injured or sick. You will learn what are the 4 silent signs of a heart attack.
  • Knowing first aid can make a big difference in an emergency situation and could mean the difference between life and death.
  • With first aid training, you will know what to do if someone is hurt, having a heart attack, drowning, choking, or has a broken bone.
  • First aid training also teaches you how to use common household items, such as a towel or a cloth, to provide care in an emergency.
  • By getting certified in first aid, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to help others and be a hero in a crisis situation.

Who can perform first aid?

Can anyone learn to perform first aid at home? Yes, all adults must learn about first aid. Only then will people understand the importance of first aid at home. The knowledge of first aid comes in handy when you live with elders and children. In some cases, it can mean the difference between life and death. Children are mischievous and tend to hurt themselves all the time while older parents can trip and fall hurting themselves. Proper administration of first aid will help reduce damage. This is why everyone must have the knowledge of first aid and get certified today. 

  • If you know how to perform first aid, you can save someone’s life or prevent their injury from getting worse.
  • You can take a first aid class at a local hospital, community center, or through the American HealthCare Academy.
  • You don’t need any special equipment to perform first aid, just your knowledge and common sense.


Every healthcare provider must know the 3 P’s as it will ensure they have no trouble administering it. Taking a first aid course only adds value to your resume and makes it shine. It also helps your family and loved ones to feel safe, knowing that you have a certification from an accredited institute in times of crisis. The first aid course from the American HealthCare Academy gives you the flexibility of a self-paced learning experience. They also provide discounts for groups of five and more. Make the most of their offers, check out their website and sign up today.