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Why are Online PALS Certification Courses Becoming The New Norm?

Why are online PALS certification courses becoming the new norm

People often spend a large number of their earnings on fancy things. They forget about investing in themselves to create a better future. Upskilling is a form of self-investment that most people wake up to. There is no better way to upskill than to take a life-saving course from the American HealthCare Academy. People in the healthcare industry understand the value of courses like ACLS and PALS. This article talks about the PALS course in detail and its perks. You can also learn about the people who qualify to take this course.

Overview of PALS online courses that are free of cost

PALS is a set of medical protocols used in emergencies. They help to diagnose and respond to life-threatening illnesses and injuries in children. They help learners gain a thorough understanding of these medical protocols. The courses provide learners to cater to pediatric emergencies. The interactive courses include videos, simulations, quizzes, and other activities. Course topics include Basic Life Support and cardiac arrest. You also learn shock management and medications. The courses also provide an overview of the American Heart Association’s guidelines.

Some PALS online courses are free of cost. They help healthcare professionals understand the basics of Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS). These free courses do give the required information. But you will not get a legal certificate at the end of the course. If you wish to practice PALS, go for a paid certification. Many institutions offer paid PALS certification courses. They offer affordable pricing and provide you with a nationally recognized certification. 

Perks of being PALS certified

Taking any medical certification can do wonders for your job. You can help people better and even get a promotion. Professionals hold a PALS certification in high regard. Once you get this certification, you can avail the following perks:

  1. Better patient care: PALS courses help healthcare professionals recognize and manage medical emergencies. It enables the patients to receive better care. 
  2. Effective teamwork: PALS courses teach how to communicate with patients and their families. It also simplifies collaboration in the office.
  3. Increases confidence: Professionals respond faster to medical emergencies by taking a PALS course. It boosts their confidence and makes them handle situations better.
  4. Update knowledge: Through a PALS course, you learn current skills. People taking this course know about the latest treatments and techniques.
  5. Better job opportunities: Employers look out for professionals with advanced certifications. They have the required skills and knowledge to manage medical emergencies effectively. 
  6. Improve safety: The proper certification reduces the risk of injury. It assures the safety of both the patients and healthcare professionals. 
  7. Job satisfaction: A PALS course makes you more confident. The new knowledge and skills increase job satisfaction. 
  8. Improves patient outcomes: Healthcare professionals with a PALS course give improved patient outcomes. 
  9. Improves public image: If you do the course, your respect increases. People know they will get the best possible care in emergencies.

Who is eligible for a PALS course and why?

People who work in healthcare, such as doctors, nurses, and emergency responders, should take a PALS course. They may need to provide advanced life support procedures in case of emergencies. You can also benefit from taking this course if you look after children. Some professions that should consider taking a PALS course are as below:

  1. Childcare workers, teachers, and babysitters need a PALS certification. They must prepare to handle medical emergencies with children. 
  2. Coaches and trainers need to take a PALS course. They need to stay prepared to respond to medical emergencies with athletes. 
  3. People involved in rescue operations need a PALS course. Their victims could be children or young adults.
  4. People involved in law enforcement should take a PALS course. Kidnapping or school shootout cases require professionals to deal with children as well.
  5. People working in disaster relief need to take a PALS certification course. Natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis harm everyone equally.


Opt for a PALS course to obtain a legit certification. Ensure your paid course grants you a nationally recognized certification at the end. People working across different professionals can sign up for this course. You must know about working in a hospital setup and be comfortable with children. We at the American HealthCare Academy provide accredited PALS certification. Enroll on our website and begin your course today.