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Importance of Online Recertification in CPR


CPR certification renewal is designed specially for healthcare providers. However it is also relevant for anyone who doesn’t want to be a bystander. Our specialized online classes for CPR recertification program teaches you advanced skills that you need at your workplace as well as in times of crisis. Recertification online course is generally undertaken after the 2 years of validity of the past certification expires. Importance of Online CPR recertification is that, it helps you stay up to date about the most recent training mandates. You can learn new techniques to perform CPR that could have been updated since your online training. 

Why should you consider CPR online recertification?

We all know how important CPR is in saving lives. Did you know that as per the 2017 Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics, about 46 percent of people have received bystander CPR? On any given day about 1,000 Americans are experiencing cardiac arrests that are sudden. CPR is a crucial lifesaving method that can save someone when they experience a cardiac arrest.  

CPR performed within the first 2-4 minutes of a person suffering a cardiac arrest can help their chances of survival by more than 50 percent. Did you know that as per the American Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council, CPR skills decline within a few months of the initial training? 

One can use CPR online recertification to jog one’s memory and stay abreast of the latest techniques. CPR online renewal is one of the quickest methods to get certifications renewed and at AHCA, it’s even hassle-free. Recertification often is the source of confidence for people who want to take action in a crisis situation. In short, it makes you more knowledgeable and also assures peace of mind. CPR online renewal can be completed within a few hours at reputed platforms like American HealthCare Academy. Also, the course can be learnt at your own pace. 

Can I renew my CPR online and how often should I do that?

CPR renewals are possible anytime online after one registers for it. It is thus better that one registers for the same while the current certification is still nearing expiry. You can sign up on the website of American Health Care Academy and get in touch with them. The registration process is also quicker than others under AHCA. It is probable that CPR skills decline after one year of initial certification but people generally go for a refresher course after 2 years of initial course certification. 

Benefits of online recertification in CPR at AHCA

The advantages of online CPR recertification are of course manifold. Anyone enrolled for the course can finish it at their pace and also, pause in-between if necessary. AHCA courses are accredited and have a 98% national acceptance rate. There are cases when people have finished all assignments and modules in a single sitting or day. 

We Follow 2020 ECC Guidelines & National Emergency Response Organization Standards. Our content is free to access and the best part is that one can pay after they pass the course. There is an option designed for all, no matter their lifestyle or time preferences. One can learn from any device. Our video materials are in-depth and most advanced. 

Thus it makes you well equipped for emergency situations. Our recertification course & course materials are affordable, comprehensive, easy to understand and is designed and led by experts. Corporate and group discounts are available as well. 

Why review my online CPR recertification?

Brush up your knowledge of effective CPR and become a savior. Be ready to offer assistance to someone in dire need until professional medical help arrives. Keeping yourself upto date with the latest training methods can prove to be the difference between life and death.