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What are the basics of First Aid Training ?

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It is a human tendency for anyone to go numb and freeze as fear and anxiety can take over when they witness someone fainting or struggling to breathe. It may cloud your judgment leaving the bystander pondering whether to call 911 or leave you wondering if to call for help to save a victim’s life. Here’s why it is a prerequisite that everyone should learn the basics of first aid training and CPR skills to save human lives. 

What are the Principles Of First Aid ?

Even before we dive into understanding the basic principles of first aid training, it is essential to understand what it means. It refers to an immediate action you should provide when a patient is injured and needs complete medical assistance. In case of a major medical emergency, you should call 911 and rush the patient immediately to the hospital. In minor instances, first aid care should be given until the ambulance arrives. If you are wondering what are the 4 basic principles of first aid, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The following are the 4 principles of basic first aid:

1. Assess:

It is crucial to assess the scenario and look out for potential threats to the patient. Firstly, ensure you check for the patient’s pulse to see if s/he is conscious. Then find out if the person is breathing normally. Check for any signs of injuries, shocks and bruises. Make sure you also see if the victim is suffocating or bleeding. Act immediately.

2. Plan:

Do things step by step. Manage the situation keeping in mind the current basics of first aid training. Ensure you prevent deterioration until professional help arrives. Analyze the scenario, and find out how much help you can provide as a first aider based on your skill set.

3. Implement first aid:

Preserving life is a top priority as a first responder. Ensure you provide the necessary first aid for injuries and life-threatening crises based on the initial assessment. 

4. Evaluate the situation:

As a healthcare professional, evaluation is the key. Make sure medical help has been called and is on its way. Until that, ensure the scene remains safe or shift the patient to a safe zone. Conduct the initial assessment, check for wounds and bruises and bandage if necessary.

How Emergency First Aid Training Helps You Save A Life?

1. It increases your awareness and teaches you to be alert to medical emergencies. It helps you to take care of your friends, families and loved ones.

2. It prepares you for the worse and helps you feel empowered. Learning the basics of first aid training teaches you to tackle every emergency, from a stroke and severe bleeding to a heart attack. No matter the medical emergency at hand, you will be able to respond to it with a calm mind. The life-saving skills will leave you feeling confident with your skills which will help you prevent a bad situation from becoming worse. 

Key Steps To Know In Basic First Aid Training

If you happen to be a bystander, here are some important pointers to keep in mind:

1. Check the patient’s pulse

Know if the pulse is right and see if s/he is responsive and breathing.

2. Check the patient’s responsiveness

If the patient is unresponsive and unconscious, call 911 asking for immediate assistance. Make them aware of any life-threatening condition so they can be well-prepared before they arrive on the scene. 

3. Keep track of patient’s vitals

Monitor the patient’s vital stats and provide additional care if required. If the patient is not breathing, begin CPR and use an AED immediately.

What to expect in an emergency first aid training course online?

A reputed online emergency first aid training course will help you examine a fatality. It will also train you to use a defibrillator, teach you to control bleeding and trauma, and help you acquaint yourself with basic life support skills. The American HealthCare Academy is known to train over a million students with the basics of first aid skills that will help you put aside your fear and tackle life-threatening situations in case of medical emergencies.

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Like it or not, a sudden cardiac arrest comes unannounced. While it is obvious to go numb at that moment, it is understandable because humans are vulnerable to such scenarios. It is a prerequisite to take online CPR training and learn the first aid basics rather than being unprepared in such a situation. The American HealthCare Academy offers the basics of first aid training and CPR courses, so you take charge when the occasion arises. Ensure you register to our website without further delay and learn a life-saving skill today.