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Common Symptoms of Heart Attack in Women


Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States for men and women, even though it is frequently considered a concern related to men’s health only. Women tend to miss the key symptoms and signs of a currently occurring or an upcoming heart attack. Women need to be aware that heart attacks can present with distinct symptoms than they do in men. In this article, we will discuss the symptoms of a heart attack in women and how they can keep their hearts healthy to prevent the occurrence of this life-threatening condition. By educating women specifically about the specific symptoms of a heart attack in them, they will be more aware of when it’s necessary to seek medical attention.

image for heart attack in women
Women and heart attack

What does a heart attack look like for women? 

Women typically experience more subdued symptoms of a heart attack which may be linked to stress and worry or other non-cardiac conditions. These symptoms are not perceived as dangerous by women as they might not link them to a possible heart attack. Therefore, they are more likely to wait at home, delay calling 911, and arrive at the emergency room later. 

For how long can women have symptoms before a heart attack occurs?

A woman will frequently describe flu-like symptoms days or weeks before she suffers a heart attack. However, not all symptoms appear in every case of a heart attack. Pay close attention if a symptom appears suddenly. The symptoms might disappear and reappear, particularly after physical exertion. 

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5 Heart Attack Symptoms in Women 

1. Shortness of breath

You might be having a heart attack if breathing becomes difficult for no apparent reason. This is particularly true if you experience one or more additional symptoms.

2. Pain in arm

Most commonly women tend to experience pain in their arms, which might be confusing for individuals who anticipate feeling discomfort in their chest. The discomfort in the arm may wax and wane gradually or suddenly before it intensifies.

3. Pain in jaw and neck

The muscles or joints in the upper body are not the direct cause of this non-specific heart attack symptom. The neck, jaw, upper back, or arm are impacted primarily. Upper body pain may begin in one place and progressively move to other locations gradually or swiftly.

4. Vomiting or nausea

Women are more likely to report this symptom than men where they may vomit or feel sick to their stomach.

5. Extreme fatigue

In the weeks preceding a heart attack, many patients describe feeling particularly exhausted. However, weariness or fatigue is also a typical symptom the day before the incident.

10 Tips to Keep Heart Healthy 

  1. Maintain a healthy cholesterol level by reducing the intake of salt and sugar.
  2. Try to walk at least 30 mins in a day for at least 5 days a week.
  3. Unhealthy food leads to high cholesterol. Avoid eating junk and make healthy food choices.
  4. Quit smoking and drinking alcohol. Excessive or occasional intake of both has a direct impact on heart health and can lead to heart disease.
  5. Reduce your stress through yoga or meditation. Increased stress levels can lead to increased blood pressure resulting in a heart attack.
  6. Getting a good night’s sleep is extremely essential to keep your heart healthy. Sleep well for 6 to 8 hours every night.
  7. Always consult a doctor before you start taking birth control pills. Many contraceptives increase blood pressure which might result in a heart attack.
  8. Try to keep your body weight in check and within the range of your age and height. Increased weight can cause diabetes which can result in heart disease.
  9. All women should get heart disease screening from the age of 20. They should also get screenings for diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol.
  10. Focus on getting adequate rest, spiritual wellness, and well-being of your relationships. These 3 factors have a direct impact on mental health. A healthy mind leads to a healthy heart and body.


Women can experience a wide range of heart attack signs and symptoms. For instance, men are more prone to develop chest pain than women. Call 911 right away to get emergency medical assistance if you experience any of these signs. You should also learn CPR to save your loved ones at the time of cardiac emergencies. Visit our course demo pages or get in touch with us right now at 1-888-277-7865.