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Basic Procedures for Performing First Aid and CPR

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The benefits of learning CPR are understated, and if possible, everybody should be able to perform CPR when needed. A person that has the knowledge and can perform CPR very well will be a lifesaver when the need arises. In some workplaces, it is very important that the employees learn the procedure of first aid burns among handling other emergencies.

A lot of people in voluntary organizations also learn about CPR. They are well thought of how to use this skill in case of an emergency.

It is good if you learn properly how to perform CPR and AED and first aid burns. You may one day find yourself in a situation where you need to offer CPR assistance or deal with a burn victim. CPR can now be learned online. These courses are well detailed and will provide you with the necessary skills that you must know about CPR. With that being said, we will go through the very basics of CPR for people looking to understand more about it.

What to Do in Case of an Emergency

As a person who has attained the skill of performing CPR, you should know the necessary procedures in case of an emergency. The normal CPR procedure that is performed in the case of an emergency is known as CAB.

CAB is an acronym for chest compressions, airway opening, and breathing for the patients. However, there are always slight adjustments to these three procedures. Hence it is advisable for people who have previous knowledge on CPR to remain updated about the latest adjustments.

What to Do if the Victim is Unresponsive

In a situation whereby the victim is unresponsive, or the chest of the victim refuses to indicate a breathing movement. What are you going to do next? When you go through CPR courses, you would be taught that you have to perform chest compressions on the victim. Chest compressions should be about 100. You should make sure that while performing this, the victim’s head is tilted backward. After this is done, then you can go on with the normal CAD procedure again.

What You Must do While Performing CPR?

There are some things that must be done while performing CPR. These are also part of the CPR skills that you would be taught in a CPR online class. These skills involve the body posture of the person performing CPR, as well as how the CAB is being performed.

Actually, there are necessary body postures. But the important one is that while performing the chest compression, make sure that you are using both hands. Also, the elbows should be locked and be exactly over the victim’s chest.

CPR can help a person stay alive, and it is very essential that these skills are well mastered. Also, remember that performing CPR in case of an emergency has to be as soon as possible.

Finally, when learning CPR does not practice on a real person. In CPR classes online, there is a mannequin designed for this purpose. The online courses also present a clear graphical representation of how to go about the procedure – be sure to register today!

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