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American HealthCare Academy, best CPR, AED, First Aid, ACLS & PALS Certification provider.


American HealthCare Academy is on a mission to build a strong community of people on Facebook that are of all backgrounds, professions, and age groups who are dedicated to helping their community. We are building a Facebook group of like-minded people to promote, preserve, & improve the health and well-being of individuals and communities by offering professional, updated, and high-quality online support and guidance regarding life-saving courses.

image for benefits of cpr certification
Benefits of cpr certification

With the help of our Facebook group, we aim to share the educational and experiential knowledge of healthcare professionals and the public at large. We give you six reasons to join our Facebook community:

  1. To connect and interact with people of similar interests.
  2. To keep yourself updated about the recent developments, tools, knowledge, and skills to make your community a safer place.
  3. To garner support from a community of like-minded people who have come together to support a common cause – saving lives.
  4. To network with people who are a part of the same industry or organization as you.
  5. To get a sense of belonging and get the opportunity to interact and connect with people gathered in one place.
  6. To exchange information and insights and connect with people regularly.

American HealthCare Academy intends to keep creating precise, understandable, and helpful public healthcare training and certification courses. You can take these courses and get certified whenever it’s convenient as per your schedule. Our training is accessible for free and is available online around the clock. You pay only when you download the certificate.

Our communities get safer as more people receive their CPR certification. Join our Facebook group where we strongly emphasize ongoing education and training for all people to promote a more wholesome, accountable, and educated society.