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5 Reasons Why Online CPR Certification is Important at Workplaces


Did you know that cardiac arrest is one of the leading causes of death in the US and it doesn’t discriminate? A cardiac arrest in many cases is often disabling or deadly. And according to a report by AHA, almost 10,000 cardiac arrests happen in the workplace every year. Thus, online CPR Certification is gaining momentum.

If you’re CPR Certified, you can respond to a cardiac emergency instantly. Why be a bystander when you can double or triple a person’s chance of survival by administering CPR? At American Health Care Academy, it’s our mission to empower bystanders to save a life.  

Clearly, CPR is the difference between life and death during a cardiac medical emergency. When your employees are well prepared to respond to such situations, they become cognizant of workplace safety and personal health as well. This will also foster a positive work culture where everybody looks out for each other. So, basically CPR certification training is a no brainer for employers. It’s not just empowering but also essential. 

It usually takes the ambulance approximately eight minutes to arrive at the emergency scene. For each minute that passes where a victim of cardiac arrest does not receive treatment, their chance of survival decreases by 10%. Knowing how to perform effective CPR could, however, help save a life. 

Online cpr certification at office

Importance of Online CPR Certification in Workplaces

Read this blog to know more about the top benefits of promoting online CPR classes in workplaces:

  • CPR Certification course can be taken anywhere, anytime: At American Health Care Academy, our online CPR course is designed by experts and is self paced. You can learn this life saving skill anywhere, anytime and at really affordable prices. We also adhere to the latest AHA guidelines which make us one of the best choices for online CPR certification. We also provide exceptional benefits for our group and corporate customers. Discounts on our CPR classes online are available for groups of five or more. If your employees are CPR trained, you can easily decrease workplace accidents. With more cardiac emergencies being reported each year, equipping your employees with the power to save a life has never been more crucial. 
  • On-the-job CPR Training can be used anywhere: Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime, there are literally no warning signs. It’s an emergency wherein the heart abruptly stops beating. In such a scenario, every second matters and if your employee knows how to perform CPR, it can help them in all facets of their lives. No matter where they are, they can carry the knowledge everywhere they go. The learning goes far beyond the walls of their office. They can help strangers on the streets, or even save the lives of their loved ones. 
  • Boost employee productivity and trust: Employees are often stressed about potential medical concerns and this can impact their productivity and focus. However, knowing that each staff member is trained in life saving techniques like CPR can help boost their morale to a large extent. By offering CPR training, an organization can show that it cares about the well-being of its employees. This further nurtures employees’ trust and they feel valued and appreciated. This hands-on approach to corporate responsibility helps an organization earn a good reputation as well. 
  • Faster response time: If your employees are CPR trained, the efforts to improve the response to cardiac arrests can pay off. Companies need to have a larger cadre of individuals who are CPR certified to recognize and respond to cardiac emergencies quickly. Cardiac arrest is the ultimate 911 crisis and more people must take matters into their hands and start CPR until help arrives. The sooner it is administered, the higher the chances of someone’s survival. 
  • Same day certification: Don’t wait for weeks to get your CPR certification. At American Health Care Academy, get your certification in a few hours. It’s quite a small investment for a life saving outcome. Our accredited course has a 98% acceptance rate and is endorsed by leading US State and Health boards. Our training course contains the most advanced content material and comprehensive practical content and scenario training as well. There are no age barriers or educational limitations

Conclusion – Train your employees in Online CPR Certification

As a business manager, if you overlook the importance of promoting CPR training classes in your workplace, you’re inadvertently creating issues. Training ensures that workplace medical crises can be handled effectively and federal guidelines are also met. It not only fosters employee confidence but also gives your business a competitive edge. It’s a benefit for everyone from both an ethical and legal perspective. Implementing such preventive measures and developing an action plan is one of the best ways to keep your employees  motivated. 

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