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What is BLS Certification?

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What is BLS? BLS stands for Basic Life Support. It is a life-saving skill that focuses on handling fatal emergencies. It teaches you basic skills like checking if someone is breathing. It also covers advanced skills like responding to someone having a heart attack. BLS course acquaints you with the working of the human body and its complications.

None of us expects an emergency to happen. But when it does, you need to respond quickly and appropriately. BLS training teaches you to do so. Your skills and little efforts can help save someone’s life. 

You can undertake a BLS training and BLS certification from a nationally recognized institution like the American HealthCare Academy. The short and easy-to-understand training course helps you learn the necessary skills and knowledge to deal with life-threatening situations. The BLS course is for first responders, healthcare professionals and public safety professionals. Prehospital providers like EMTs, paramedics, firefighters, and in-facility hospital caretakers also require this course. 

This blog helps you understand more about BLS certification and how to get one. It also helps you understand the benefits of obtaining BLS certification. 

What is BLS certification?

BLS is an advanced-level certification course. It trains you for immediate and necessary medical response to life-threatening situations. 

Life-saving skills you can learn with the BLS certification course are:

  • Assessing the medical emergency situation
  • Performing CPR on patients
  • Efficiently using medical equipment 
  • Treating instances of choking in children and adults
  • Effective ventilations using a barrier device
  • Performing AED 

Steps to get BLS certified

Join the American HealthCare Academy to get BLS training. The steps to enroll in our BLS certification course are simple. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Register with us and sign-in your account

Step 2: Select your online BLS certification or BLS recertification course

Step 3: Start studying chapter-wise

Step 4: Pass the BLS test with a 75% and above score

Step 5: Print your BLS certification

That’s all! You have your BLS certification with you!

BLS certification is valid for up to 2 years. You need to undergo a BLS recertification course to extend your certification for another two years. The recertification course helps you stay updated with the latest regulations by American Heart Association. Furthermore, it updates your skills and refreshes your memory. 

Benefits of BLS certification

BLS training is a must for first responders and aspiring healthcare providers. It offers numerous benefits, some of which are listed below:

1. Learn life-saving skills

A comprehensive BLS training course equips you with several skills. You learn how to identify and assess a medical emergency. You learn how to give CPR or use an AED. You learn how to stay calm and respond to a critical situation. These skills help you keep the patient calm and safe. 

2. Save lives

Knowledge of BLS can help you save someone’s life. Administering BLS immediately in a critical situation can make a significant difference in the patient’s rate of recovery. A quick response can ensure a steady circulation of blood throughout the body. This in turn ensures a proper supply of oxygen to the brain. Your quick response prevents the patient from brain damage and even brain death. 

3. Increase your employability

BLS certification gives you a competitive advantage in careers that require BLS skills. Employers often give priority to candidates who are certified in life-saving skills. They look for prospects who can give basic first aid as well as administer CPR when the need arises. BLS training equips you with these skills and makes you more employable.


The American HealthCare Academy offers comprehensive training courses for BLS. You can earn your BLS certification by simply registering on the American HealthCare Academy website and completing the course. Our online BLS courses are thoughtfully designed by OSHA-trained instructors. 

All our courses are nationally accepted and updated as per AHA guidelines. Our course content is comprehensive and easy to understand. Whether you are a healthcare provider or a layperson, you can easily interpret our course material. 

Our courses are cost-effective hence you can easily afford to learn. Moreover, our online courses can be accessed anytime at your convenience. We offer you the flexibility to learn alongside your career or busy schedule. Instead of seraching for “BLS certiciation near me” on the internet, enroll for our online CPR BLS certification.

Our goal is to help prepare individuals to save the maximum number of lives.. The skills we teach help to improve patient outcomes.

Sign up for our BLS course now!

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