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What does it mean to be PALS Certified?

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Children are miniature versions of full-grown adults. From physical appearances yes, but otherwise not! Their body is still very fragile and poles apart from adults. Thus, it is safe to say that children are different from adult patients. 

In fact, the requirements of pediatric cases are also unique. You need to keep in mind the special needs of children while providing care. Especially when providing basic life support, airway management, CPR and more.

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) training aids medical professionals in responding to emergencies involving children. It empowers you with skills and knowledge to provide the best care to younger patients. 

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Here’s everything you need to know about PALS certification. Learn how PALS can help you save a child’s life in a critical situation.

What is PALS Certification?

PALS is a set of guidelines to treat life-threatening heart-lung medical conditions in children. It outlines a protocol for addressing cardiac arrest, respiratory distress and shock. 

PALS training focuses on delivering vital care to critically ill or injured children. The PALS certification course provides the knowledge and practical skills to handle pediatric cases. PALS certification aims to improve pediatric patient outcomes. PALS certification is necessary for healthcare professionals responding to child and infant emergencies. These include first responders, paramedics, nurses, medical students, and physicians. PALS training is critical for healthcare professionals working in emergency departments. Other places that use PALS include intensive care and critical care units.

What do you learn in the PALS course?

The PALS course gives you an in-depth understanding of pediatric-specific procedures. The PALS training course by AHCA teaches you practical measures for handling cardiac arrest patients. You learn to assess, resuscitate and manage life support for a child. 

The course content includes:

  • Introduction to PALS and Pediatric Assessment
  • Irregular Heart Rate 
  • Respiratory Distress and Failure
  • Types of Shock in Pediatric Patients
  • Cardiac Arrest in Pediatric Patients
  • Post Resuscitation Management
  • Pediatric Pharmacology
  • Management Algorithms for all pediatric medical problems

You will learn how to assess, recognize and respond to child-centric emergencies. It will enhance your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This will enable you to provide better patient care. 

The course will upskill you to perform advanced life support procedures. These include defibrillation, intubation and cardiac monitoring.

PALS certification is valid for two years. You need to renew this certification every two years to stay up-to-date. Obtaining and renewing PALS certification is very easy with AHCA.

Why should you get PALS certified?

If you work in a medical setting with infants and children, you need PALS certification. PALS certification helps you in several ways. 

It provides you with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage pediatric emergencies. High-quality professional training improves the quality of patient care. This in turn leads to better outcomes. Moreover, it shows your dedication to ongoing education in pediatric critical care. Furthermore, it looks great on a resume. It makes you more competitive for jobs in the healthcare field. It qualifies you for certain positions where organizations need PALS certification.

Online PALS certification course from American HealthCare Academy

AHCA offers online PALS courses for pediatric healthcare professionals in the USA. It teaches crucial skills and best practices for treating young patients in emergencies.

The best-trained doctors design our course. The course content is high-quality, up-to-date and accurate. The course has only one goal – to help you save lives, and we do not compromise with this goal.

Our courses are nationally accredited and adhere to American Heart Association guidelines. We keep updating our courses from time to time to accommodate every new mandate from AHA.

Our online course gives you the flexibility to learn alongside your busy schedule. You can take up the course anytime and anywhere at your own pace. 


If you’re in the healthcare industry and interested in working with children, obtaining a PALS certification could be very beneficial. It’s particularly useful for individuals who want to switch their career paths. Given that infants and children are more susceptible to falls and injuries, as well as genetic disorders like asthma that can unexpectedly exacerbate, it’s essential to have specialized certifications to provide them with proper care. The American HealthCare Academy offers online CPR certification courses that you can complete at your own pace, and they can assist you with obtaining specific certifications such as BLS and PALS. Visit the AHCA website today to learn more and potentially help save a child’s life.

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