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CPR Certification: 10 Careers That Utilize CPR and First Aid Techniques


What careers require CPR certification?

  1. Firefighters
  2. Coaches and Athlete Trainers
  3. Construction Workers
  4. Electricians
  5. Flight Attendants
  6. Jail and Prison Staff
  7. LifeGuards
  8. Nanny or Babysitters
  9. Managers and Servers
  10. Teachers and School Staff

When talking about jobs that require an AED/CPR certification and knowledge about providing first aid, people immediately delve into a career in the medical field. Unbeknown to most people, acquiring even just an online CPR certification is either one of the principal requirements or an added skill that can secure the position of an applicant. However, there are some jobs that are just extremely dangerous that the probability of needing CPR is fairly high.

CPR training will help you kichstart your career or give a boost to your existing profile. If you don’t know for how long does cpr certification last, the answer is 2 years. After which you can renew your cpr certificate.

If you want to learn what job positions are advised to have a CPR Certification and training, read on.



Unknown to most people, the job of a fireman is not limited to evacuating citizens from buildings that are on fire. The nature of the work is not solely focused on rescuing people from fire, Firemen save people from disastrous circumstances and also be an advocate for the good health and safety of the public.

In the event of a fire, a fireman must immediately be able to perform CPR on those in need. An immediate and successful CPR can save a clinically dead person from further becoming biologically dead.

Aspiring firefighters are advised to consider acquiring first aid CPR training or even an online CPR certification before applying for the position. This is because it clearly denotes a person’s capability to perform basic health aid, even in worst-case scenarios.


Coaches and Athlete Trainers

In dealing with athletes who are highly invested in their physical strengths and have a high risk of physical strain, coaches and trainers must be able to provide basic first aid – even CPR when needed.

Despite an athlete’s healthy condition, he or she is not safe from a sudden cardiac arrest. A number of Olympic Champions have already been eliminated by this silent killer.

As coaches push their team to improve their strength, endurance, and stamina, coaches should ensure that they are skilled enough to aid their students when needed. Parents will feel more secure to have their children train under a coach who can provide necessary health aid if the need ever arises.

Construction Workers

Construction Workers

Due to the nature of the workplace of construction workers, they are at high risk of possible accidents. Heavy equipment and materials that are hauled up to great heights are one of the many components that make a construction site a hazardous area. In addition to the laborious work, the unforgiving weather must also be factored in as a possible cause of health concerns.

By acquiring a CPR certification, construction workers have the necessary skills to revive a colleague in need – whether it was caused by an accident or by a sudden cardiac arrest.



Similar to a construction worker, the safety of electricians are also at high-risk since live voltages are dealt with. Despite an electrician’s skill and experience, the possibility of an electric shock, fire, and explosion still lingers.

In the event of an electric shock, an electrician can save their partner by providing immediate CPR to stimulate blood circulation in the system. Although the person to provide the aid must first ensure that the surroundings are clean and safe and that he will not be electrocuted himself.

Flight Attendant

Flight Attendants

When inside an airplane that is thousands of feet above the ground, the only source of aid is the flight attendants. They are trained not just in assisting passengers throughout the flight, but also in providing immediate CPR during emergency cases.

Jail and Prison Staff

Jail and Prison Staff

Due to the rough condition of most prisons and the amount of violence that occurs among the populace, correctional officers must know how to detect a cardiac crisis and be able to provide the necessary aid.

Despite the tough demeanor that jail personnel exudes, one of the main goals of the job is to aid in the rehabilitation of the inmates. By having a CPR certification or even an online CPR certification, an applicant’s concern for the betterment of the convicts is exhibited.



As depicted in movies, lifeguards must be skilled in providing CPR to people in case of drowning. Whether the setting is at the beach or at a public pool, lifeguards must be highly skilled in providing CPR for both adults and children.

Nanny or Babysitters

Nanny or Babysitters

Due to the fragile nature of infants and the rowdiness of toddlers that could lead to an accident, being knowledgeable in CPR/AED can assure the parents that their children will receive the needed aid should the need ever arise. In fact, parents these days prefer to hire applicants that have CPR certification over those who have none.Managers and Servers

Managers and Servers

In a setting that is filled with people who are eating and people moving around, the likelihood of somebody choking or slipping is high. On top of those things, a cardiac emergency can happen anywhere and anytime.

Due to those possibilities, the servers and most especially the manager must be skilled in providing first aid treatments especially CPR.

School Staff and Teachers

School Staff and Teachers

Compared to adults, children are more likely to acquire injury or choke on their food. With this to consider, teachers and school personnel should be knowledgeable in providing CPR.

Although most schools have nurses and doctors, CPR is an aid that must be given immediately. The survival rate of a child hangs on each passing second that aid is not delivered.

Key Takeaway

In any career, having the skills to perform effective CPR will always be handy. Cardiac emergencies can happen to anybody and calamities occur when people least expect it. When such emergencies transpire, people will surely need CPR to survive. If you’re interested in taking up CPR training, American Health Care Academy provides CPR training and certification! Interested? Register with the American Health Care Academy now!

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