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5 Myths Revolving Around CPR Today

Checking Airway

Serious concerns have been raised to increase awareness of CPR and First Aid training globally. This is highly motivated by the rising number of deaths from accidents and other causes that may have otherwise been prevented through basic help. For this reason, more people today are encouraged to enroll in CPR online classes to improve their life-saving skills. It is basically the lifesaving procedure that needs to be done to a heart attack or cardiac arrest victim to prevent them from dying. Some of the myths below will amaze you as you find out more details regarding CPR and first aid today.

CPR Will Not Change the Survivor’s Fate

Cardiac arrest victims do not have long to survive once a cardiac arrest strikes, but CPR can reverse it. Their bodies may even begin to shut down beginning with brain injury if help is delayed. You should therefore never delay offering medical CPR assistance to a patient if at all saving their lives is still important. Since emergency responses maybe take a little longer to arrive do not let your family member die. Enroll in CPR online class to gain the necessary skills today to become a pro lifesaver and valuable community member.

CPR is Complicated

Cardiovascular Resuscitation can be learned and mastered by anyone willing to put in the work. Research, in fact, depicts that it is better understood when taught to children between 9-18 years of age. Students in this category learn faster. However, online courses allow people of any age to learn at their own pace. Online courses can lead to quick and effective life-saving skills certification. Gain skills such as: controlling bleeding, and nursing wounds aside from restoring blood circulation in the body of the victim. Avoid being a bystander, learn the necessary skills to save someone’s life instead of standing by.

Ignorance to Train Assuming Everyone is Safe

We are often in our comfort zones forgetting that accidents strike when most unexpected. No one, therefore, strains themselves to practice these lifesaving procedures only to regret when it is too late. Past cases have proven that cardiac arrests are even more deadly when out of hospital jurisdiction. To be safe, enroll for training, and be ready to save the life of a family member or even neighbor should the need to arise.

Mouth to Mouth is Compulsory

According to statistics, 80% of all heart attacks happen at home or far from hospital facilities. In most circumstances, people prefer to perform CPR on people they know rather than strangers. People do not have to worry about providing mouth to mouth now. Hands-only CPR, or providing chest compressions only, is more common after some new research.

You Can Train by Watching Online Videos

Online training is possible with certified courses. You can achieve the art of lifesaving by observing online videos and learning through a course written by a trained instructor. Some online programs even offer practical sessions via web conferencing. The practical exam and session could lead you to get CPR certified.

At the American Health Care Academy, our mission is to help prepare individuals to save lives. We aim to provide comprehensive, cost-effective, and easy-to-understand CPR and First-Aid courses. Save a life today by enrolling in our CPR classes online.

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