Online First Aid Course

First Aid is defined as the medical attention that is given to an ill or injured person before medical experts arrive on the scene. This course follows Nationally Accepted guidelines and is valid for 2 years.

Chapter 7: Allergy Emergencies


When a person has an allergy, he or she experiences an immune response to a substance that is usually not harmful. An allergy emergency may occur if a person is exposed to this allergen. An allergic reaction may become severe if not treated in a timely manner.


People may be allergic to a variety of different things such as:

Animals (i.e., cats, dogs)
Ant bites
Bee stings
Medication (i.e., penicillin)
Pollen, dust, mold
Specific plants / chemicals in plants
Wasp stings

Signs and Symptoms:

Itchy skin
Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea (stomach pain)
Rash, hives, redness
Signs of shock
Stuffy nose, sneezing
Swelling of the tongue and face
Troubled breathing