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What are the Benefits of Basic Life Support(BLS) Training for Your Career

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Do you wish to upskill to move ahead in your career? Do you need help with the courses you can take for this task? There are many courses in the market, and you can pick something that suits your career profile. But, life-saving skills are timeless and offer a unique blend of courses. Consider taking one or more life-saving classes to add value to your resume. Careers that require BLS skills always focus on handling fatal emergencies. This article discusses BLS and how their certification and recertification will benefit you.  

What is BLS training?

BLS training stands for Basic Life Support Training. It is a type of training that teaches you how to help someone if they are in a medical emergency. It covers basic skills like how to check if someone is breathing. You learn about the working of the human body and its complications. The course covers basic skills; a lay responder can also take up. People with children and older family members must take this course to help them in emergencies. A BLS course talks about the following:

  1. You learn to check for signs of life, such as breathing and pulse. It helps the bystander identify the need for CPR and AED.
  2. You learn to perform CPR and revive a patient in cardiac arrest. BLS teaches all the steps of adult, infant, and child CPR.
  3. The course also teaches you to identify signs of cardiac arrest. It is essential to catch hold of this problem before a person collapses. Starting CPR on time will help save the brain from decay. 
  4. You can help your child with minor injuries. A BLS course also teaches basic first aid. It includes knowledge of treating cuts and wounds to prevent chances of secondary infection.
  5. A BLS course teaches you the right way of moving an injured person without causing them more pain. 
  6. BLS teaches the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED).
  7. A BLS course teaches students how to administer oxygen through a valve mask bag.
  8. You learn to recognize and respond to a choking emergency.

In what ways does BLS Training benefit your career?

Every person wishes to upgrade in their career. While many professions need degrees, some only need life-saving skills. Careers that require BLS skills often revolve around the healthcare field. However, you must know why taking this course is beneficial. Read the following points to understand this point better.

  1. A BLS is a foundation upon which other life-saving skills rely. You will need BLS training to take an advanced life-saving course.
  2. BLS training provides the knowledge necessary to help people in various medical emergencies. 
  3. BLS training also gives healthcare workers the confidence to act quickly and decisively in emergencies. Knowing they have the skills to respond correctly to a life-threatening condition can give them a sense of security and assurance. 
  4. BLS certification can also help healthcare workers advance their careers. It demonstrates that a worker has the skills and knowledge to perform at the highest level. It is often a requirement for advanced positions and certifications.  
  5. Lastly, BLS training can help healthcare providers save lives in emergencies. With the proper training, they can help their patients receive care. It can help them recover from life-threatening conditions.

Certification and recertification

Individuals who pass a first-aid course or other courses get a certification. The certificates prove that the holder has the skills to perform life-saving techniques. It also says that they can proactively respond in an emergency. Life-saving certificates have validity because their methods are constantly evolving. It would help if you took recertification for the reasons below.

  1. To ensure that the certificate holder is up-to-date with new techniques and protocols, they need to renew them. It usually requires a refresher course. You may have to attend a workshop to stay current with new methods.
  2. The certificate’s validity also incentivizes the holder to remain active in the life-saving field.
  3. It helps to maintain a minimum standard of competency among first-aiders.
  4. It helps you keep up with your job role and assist friends and colleagues when needed.

To take a BLS recertification, you can take an online BLS training. Online courses are typically self-directed and involve reading material and watching instructions. Upon completing the recertification, the individual must submit the required paperwork and payment. After these steps, you will receive the updated BLS certification. The duration of the certification depends on the provider but is typically valid for two years from the date of issuance.


BLS CPR certification is a comprehensive certification that helps you save lives. Careers that require BLS skills could get challenging. But this course prepares you for every emergency. The American HealthCare Academy offers courses that will equip you with every needed technique. Register and sign in to the American HealthCare Academy website today to learn more about our courses.

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