Online Healthcare Provider CPR Certification

Our Healthcare Provider courses cater to all healthcare professionals, such as dentists, EMT, nurses, doctors, physical therapists and more. The Healthcare CPR/AED certification is valid for 2 years.

Healthcare Provider CPR Training

cpr and first aid online

This CPR training course covers Adult, Child, Infant CPR, AED Training for in-hospital and out-of-hospital situations for Healthcare Providers and includes video demonstrations that visually enhance the study material. The online CPR course also covers bag-mask techniques for 1 and 2 rescuers.

Healthcare Provider CPR Course Topics Include:

  • Introduction
  • Deciding to Act
  • Adult CPR (for 1 and 2 rescuers)
  • Adult and Child Bag-Mask Technique
  • Child CPR (for 1 and 2 rescuers)
  • Infant CPR (for 1 and 2 rescuers)
  • Infant Bag-Mask Technique
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Choking Victims – 1 year and Older
  • Choking Victims – Infants
  • Recovery Position
  • Healthcare Provider CPR Quiz

98% Acceptance Rate

Why You Should Complete the Course

Healthcare professionals have the duty to protect and save lives whatever the situation is. They are deemed more capable to manage emergency situations and provide the best results for a patient.

However, people in the medical field are required to have a greater understanding of CPR and are expected to have professional skills necessary to save a life, such as the proficiency in using a defibrillator.

Our online healthcare provider CPR certification course is specially useful for:

  • Medical professionals/healthcare workers

  • People seeking to be employed as a paramedic or first-aid responder

  • Jobs with specialized skills requirements such as forest rangers, security personnel and life guards.

When your job calls for competence in using the skills and techniques to save lives, you need to be prepared.

Complete our online healthcare provider certification course for only $13.95.


Sample Certification Card

A wallet certification card is included with all of our online courses. There is NO additional charge to download your wallet certification card.

Our Certifications Include:

  • Printable copy of wallet certification card
  • Optional mailed hard copy of wallet certification card
  • Certification documents signed by Certified instructors
  • Wallet card delivered within 5-7 business days

24 Hour Wallet Card Production:

  • Fast Shipment
  • Reliable Service
  • 5-7 Day Delivery Time
  • Phone Support
  • Accepted Nationwide

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