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How Online CPR Certification works!


Select and Register for a Course

Taking a CPR/AED, First Aid or Healthcare Provider certification course with us is simple! The registration process is quick and easy. Once you visit our website at www.CPRAEDCourse.com just click on the "Register Now" button on the top right and proceed to select the course you want to take. You'll be asked to create your user name and password, input basic student information, pay for the course - and you're ready to begin!


Read through Course Topics

Once you have registered you can login to your online course(s) and go through the outlined topics. The course will include reading material, images and video demonstrations to help you prepare for the quiz. You can review the course material multiple times in various sittings.


Attempt and Pass Quiz

After you have studied the course material you can proceed to taking the quiz. Quiz questions are all multiple choice and answers can be found in the material provided. You have to receive a score of 75% or higher to pass. Remember you can take the quiz multiple times, with no additional charge, until you pass.


Print Certification and Receive in Mail

As soon as you have passed the course quiz you can click on "Print Certification" to get a PDF copy of your wallet card. We will also mail you an official wallet certification card, which you should receive in 2-4 business days. Our online courses can be completed from the comfort of your home in these 4 simple steps!

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Money Back Guarantee


Online CPR Certification

American Health Care Academy strives to provide CPR certification to as many people as possible. Our online CPR certification is one way to ensure that. By offering an online CPR class, we can reach a much broader audience. Our online CPR class, and online CPR/AED class is ideal for those who are receiving CPR training or CPR/AED training for the first time, or those who are seeking CPR recertification or CPR/AED recertification. Above, we’ll show you how an online certification can work. The online CPR course and online CPR/AED course includes video and literature that is nationally accepted.

Online FIRST AID Certification

In order to reach a broader audience, the American Health Care Academy proudly offers online First Aid certification. By offering an online First Aid class, we’re able to able to provide First Aid certifications to individuals who, otherwise, might not attend a class. Our online First Aid class is ideal for those who are receiving First Aid training for the first time, or for those who are seeking First Aid recertification. Above, we'll illustrate how an online certification can work. The online First Aid course includes video and literature that is nationally accepted.

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