September 18, 2018 CPR Certification0

CPR certification refers to a group of problem-solving medical techniques and procedures that are designed to provide treatment in emergency cardiac situations like cardiac arrest and stroke. CPR Plus includes Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and First Aid training along with CPR. The Internet is flooded with CPR certification online courses. Many of these courses provide […]


We do not know what will happen in the next few hours as we mundanely live our lives. Most of the time, our day ends normally and we sleep peacefully. However, there are chances of going into an emergency situation, such as a blocked airway, that can jeopardize our lives. And, it is in these situations […]


Some skills are fundamental in our daily lives as they could be the difference between life and death. Rated highly, is the possession of CPR and first-aid certification that is very applicable at any given moment.  Research by the National Safety Council has proven that over 25% of the total emergency room visits could be […]


February 19, 2018 CPR Training0

When a hospitalized victim’s heart stops beating, doctors and hospital staff immediately turn to the latest technology to restart the victim’s heart. However, when a person experiences cardiac arrest as far from the hospital as possible, the only way for them to survive that life-threatening event is for a person that has adequate training in […]


February 14, 2018 CPR Certification0

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere – whether a concern is merely a small scratch or as serious as a broken bone – first aid is needed to prevent further impairment. For this reason, enrolling in a first aid training class for CPR/AED training can definitely equip a person with ample knowledge in case of an […]


February 7, 2018 CPR Certification0

Having a certification – whether it is a bloodborne pathogen certification or a CPR certification – has truly been a vital thing these days. Aside from the fact that it is an important resource in emergency situations, it also helps an individual to widen his/her knowledge and skills in this kind of field. This official […]

American Health Care Academy provides training for CPR certification online, AED training and Standard First Aid for lay-responders and Healthcare Providers.

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