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Bloodborne pathogens are harmful microorganisms. These are found mainly in the human blood. It can cause diseases in the human body system. This pathogens can be transferred between humans by direct contact with the blood of an infected person. Needlestick, Razors and other sharp objects are other mediums by which a person can contract the disease. Examples of the bloodborne pathogens include but are not limited to Human Immuno Deficiency Virus (HIV), Hepatitis C Virus(HCV) and Hepatitis B Virus (HBV).


June 6, 2018 CPR Training5

CPR is a very useful course that everyone ought to take at a point in their life. Accidents are prone to happen and cannot be controlled. One precaution in such a situation is your first aid knowledge. This knowledge can come in very handy when a life is in danger. You might just be the first assistance that the patient has before the actual doctor arrives. Taking on these lessons will earn you a First Aid and CPR Certificate which will then mean that you are well equipped and certified to perform first aid and help save lives.


With a proper CPR training, you can prepare yourself for a better job in the medical industry or learn the critical life-saving skills. You can help a person undergoing sudden cardiac arrest by performing CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation. In recent times, the online training modules have become popular among the learners due to the flexibility of time and convenience. These courses combine the digital content with traditional training for a comprehensive guidance to the learners. In fact, they are affordable and allow a focused training where you can watch a video multiple times to completely understand a procedure. Most importantly, the skills gained in this training are evaluated by a certified instructor before providing certification to a candidate. However, if you are still not sure about CPR certification online, here are some questions to ask: 


When an individual takes a First Aid course and passes the training and quiz, he or she will likely obtain a First Aid Certification. This certification serves as an official document which verifies the achievement of the holder whereas he or she is proven to have enough knowledge and skills of the lifesaving method 




When it comes to people who are trying to apply for work in the medical field, First Aid certifications are one of the job requirements that employers will look for since the utmost priority is to save the lives of their patients. Medical assistants need to be certified in First Aid to help those in need. 


These certifications also put people in other work environments at a great advantage. They will be treated as valuable to the company because of the knowledge and skills that they have. They can also teach workmates about the basics of First Aid and how to respond to an emergency in case something happens. Receiving an online First Aid Certification is simple and convenient. 


First Aid is defined as the medical attention that is given to an ill or injured person before medical experts arrive on the scene. OSHA details First Aid care to include cleaning minor cuts and scratches, treating burns, helping to relieve heat stress, and more. This course follows the updated, Nationally Accepted guidelines and is designed to provide you with basic First Aid skills that will allow you to make a sound decision in the face of an emergency.


The Aid is used any time there is an injury or emergency situation that requires treatment and the medical assistants have not arrived. In some cases, the situation and resulting first aid may be minor. In other cases, it may be an emergency that could save a life, such as performing CPR. You should only administer first aid in more severe cases if you are trained to do so.


American Health Care Academy’s First Aid course includes detailed training with videos and examples followed by a quiz. Upon completion and a passing score, a First Aid Certification will be obtained. The certificate will include the student’s name and the name of the course completed. Get started with your First Aid training today.


September 25, 2017 CPR Training0

It is very common to read top news stories about top athletes getting faster and stronger, sports teams raising the bar, fit models and famous actors becoming more fit. However, there are also many other stories that do not get told too often, stories that usually go under the radar as people avoid talking about them. These stories tend to be about how these same healthy and fit people, to come across health concerns or emergencies.  


September 25, 2017 CPR Training20

There are numerous benefits that accrue to an individual after getting CPR certification. Chief among them is the ability to save lives when there is need. Below is an elaboration of the immense need to get CPR education and certification: 

  • Power to Save Lives 

As already stated, the greatest benefit of CPR education and certification is the gaining of an ability to jump into action in emergency situations and save lives. As per the American Heart Association, sudden cardiac arrest is the prime cause of death in adults, and a whopping 325,000 deaths through cardiac arrest are reported each year.

American Health Care Academy provides training for CPR certification online, AED training and Standard First Aid for lay-responders and Healthcare Providers.

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