Bloodborne pathogens are harmful microorganisms. These are found mainly in human blood. It can cause diseases in the human body system. These pathogens can be transferred between humans by direct contact with the blood of an infected person. Needlestick, Razors, and other sharp objects are other mediums by which a person can contract the disease. Examples of the bloodborne pathogens include […]


Bloodborne pathogens are known as microorganisms or bacteria living within the human blood that can also be found in body fluids. These tiny organisms can cause severe illnesses and could eventually lead to death. Avoiding exposure to bloodborne pathogens is important to prevent the transmission from one person to another. BBPs can be transmitted through […]


January 30, 2018 CPR Training0

In today’s era, being equipped with ample knowledge, skills, and abilities in first aid is truly essential since numerous accidents and occurrences could happen at any time. This is why most people opt to undergo CPR AED training in order to be ready for these unforeseen circumstances. However, this training does not only cover American […]

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